Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All by myself....

Alll by myself....sing it with me furiends! My very weird Mom says there is a song called that, but trust me, you don't want to hear her sing!
Why are we singing this song?

Cuz my little foster sister left us yesterday!

I am bummed about this! I really liked that little dog, but her person wanted her back. He is doing better, but we ain't sure he's doing good enough to keep up with a young dogger. Princess was glad to see him yesterday though. Mom wouldn't have let her leave if she seemed afraid or anything like that. He was glad to see Princess.

We sent her off with a big box of treats and toys. She ain't gonna have no one to wrassle with. She might be a bit bored after playing with me! We did have alot of fun together!

We are keeping Princess' spot in the pack open. Mom and I are a bit torn...we want to see Princess and her person both happy and healthy, but we also want Princess to be with us! We don't want nothing bad to happen to her person or to Princess!

My very wise Dad says Princess' job with her first person isn't done yet. She still has to do something with him...we hope she will bring him some happiness; maybe her job is to give him something happy to do everyday!

We will get uppiedates on Princess and make sure she is doing ok. We will miss her, but she is always welcome to come back....I 'spect she will be my wrassling buddy again someday!


Tehya the lonely....who better go find Anvik and give him a chewing!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My little shadow

Woo woo Furiends
That little Princess dog has turned into my little shadow!
It's the weirdest thing, everywhere I go there she is!
Even weirder, I don't mind one bit! Little sisters are fun! None of the other girl dogs here will play with me. They are either really old and don't play at all anymore or they are kinda mean to me and just don't get along with other girls.

Me and Princess are having lots of fun together! I taught her how to wrassle! I even let her win once in awhile!

Tonight we went for a walk together and Mom let Princess off her leash for awhile! Princess really liked that! It is fun to run around with a dog who is as fast as me! Princess is super good at spotting squirrels too! She can see a squirrel at 100 yards no problem!

Yup, this being a big sister thing is pretty cool! Who knew??



Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lookit me go

WOOOO Furiends

Tonight me and my Mom decided to take Princess for a walk. Yanno, show her around the neighborhood.

We took her to the lake. Princess had to stay on her leash cuz Mom doesn't trust her yet. Someday she might get to run around off-leash with me, but not tonight! She ain't a water dog! She did not think going swimming was a good idea, but I sure did!

I have discovered this summer that I like to swim! Lookit me go! My paws are off the bottom and everything!! Swimming is fun!


Tehya, swimming tour guide dog!

Monday, July 6, 2009

A new foster sister!

Wooo wooo Furiends

I got a new foster sister today!

Her name is Princess. She is really puny! I am way bigger than her and I ain't a very big dogger! She is about half my size! Mom says Princess is a pipsqueak! She is about 18 months old.

I like her well enough. She seems to know that I am the boss of her. I'm good with that!

Princess has been living with some friends of my humans for awhile, but they ain't her real owner. Her owner is their uncle and he is sick. He's been in the hospital. Princess needed to run around and play, but she couldn't do that where she was staying. So she is staying with us on an extended play date. :) If her person gets healthy enough again, then Princess might go back and live with him or she might stay here forever. We don't know yet!

Princess seems to like it here so far. I remember how nice it was not to be tied up anymore too! It is way better to be able to run around!

Welcome to the pack, Princess!


Tehya, a good big sisfur!