Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tehya Time

Wooooo Furiends
Here's the happy post I was talking about last time!
Since I am the Babydog around here, all the other dogs are way older than me and sometimes they don't really appreciate my youthful enthusiasm!  Mom has started Tehya Time to get me out of everyone else's fur!
At least once a week, we have Tehya Time.  We go somewhere, just the two of us!  One time we went to town and went on a paved trail.  Who knew such a thing even existed!? 
There were lots of stuff to see and smell.  So many people out with their dogs! I got to help socialize a puppy!  That was fun!  Town was kinda cool!
Last week we drove a little way from our house and went on this trail.
 We had to cross a bridge!  Bridges are weird and I always have to check them out! 
 But once we got over the weird bridge, I got to go ripping around off-leash!  There were no other people around and no dogs!  We hiked a really long time.  But then Mom started seeing a whole bunch of really big paw prints, like bigger than my malamute brofurr, Heyoka's paws!  Yup, there is a wolf pack back there somewhere!  Mom decided we should leave before I playbowed at a wolf!
Mom has taken up running too.  Mostly she has to use her treadmill now cuz it's dark after her work is done now!  It's dark alot here in the winter!  But on the weekends she goes running outside and most of the time I get to go.  Usually I have to stay on my leash and trot beside Mom...Lordy humans run slow!  Today we went for a 5km run and on our way home, we went passed Daisy's house!  She decided to join us and came to my house! 
Tehya Time is lots of fun! 
Tehya the spoiled babydog!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sad news

WOOOO everyone
I gotta get some sad news outta the way before I do a happy post.  My family lost our two founding members last month.

This is Glacier.  He was my momma's very first pet that she got all on her own as a grown-up.  He had been with mom since he was a tiny 6 week old kitten.  Mom thought he would be around for a few more years.  Glacier was 14, but that ain't all that old for a cat who's been spoiled and in the house his whole life!
Glacier didn't act sick until just 2 days before he died.  Mom took him to see Dr. Candace cuz he just seemed blah; he wasn't purring and snuggling like Glacier always did.  It turned out that Glacier had those dang cancer bugs in his tummy.  Dr. Candace did her very best, as she always does, but Glacier was just getting sicker and sicker. So Mom had no choice but to let him go across the Bridge.   Glacier died with Mom holding him on October 11, 2012.
This is Muskwa! Muskwa was with our Dad since he was a wee puppy.  He'd been with Dad longer than Mom!  In June of this year, Muskwa got really sick all of the sudden.  His liver was not working right and he was feeling crummy.  He got some medicine, extra foodies, and saw Dr. Candace alot!
Muskwa was always a very stubborn dog, so when he was told he was only going to live a few weeks, he decided not to listen!  He lived another four months!  Mostly he did good too with just a few bad days in between mostly good days.
But eventually even the most stubborn dog has to give in!  Muskwa's old body just couldn't keep up any more!  He turned 15 years old on October 20!  On October 24, my humans helped Muskwa to be free from his failing body. 
Glacier and Muskwa started our furry family.  We all miss them very much, but we are also very glad of them.  Who knows what would have happened to the rest of us if there had never been Glacier & Muskwa?!!
Godspeed my brofurrs. 
soft wooooos