Thursday, March 24, 2011

Walkies at Wolf Creek

WOoooooooooooooooooooS Furiends

Last night me and Mom went for a big walk...just the two of us & we went somewhere I ain't never been before!...The Wolf Creek Campground; it's just a few minutes drive from our house.

In the summer it's a really busy place full of tourists and campers. It's not so good for running around at that time of year, but it's great right now! We never saw one other person! We had the whole place to ourselves!
I was one happy baby dog! The days are getting longer and warmer here, but we still lots and lots of snow!
In some places the snow was deeper than my legs are long and I had to do some bouncing! I suppose I coulda stayed on the trail, but that's not nearly as much fun as bouncing!
There's plenty of snow for snacking on! It's a good way to cool down! Running is hot and thirsty work!
We totally ignored that stop sign, woooooooooo!!! Mom says it wasn't for walking anyway, only so cars don't go down there in the summertime.

We checked out the view! Wolf Creek is real pretty and the trails go right over the the mighty Yukon River!
This is the Yukon River. Pretty, right??
I thought about going down the cliff to check out the River up close, but Mom freaked out. She yelled, "TEHYA NO" in her "i really mean it" voice. I bet all you doggers know that voice! I almost always listen to Mom, but I absolutely always listen when she uses the "I really mean it" voice.

Then we walked some more, I chased some squirrels and some birds. Mom took more pictures and somehow we ended up back at our van!

Mom wouldn't let me drive home! I am part Border Collie; I'm probably smart enough to drive! But I was kinda tired after all that fun! Mom says that was the whole point! A tired babydog is a good babydog!

Tehya, who wants to go check out some more new places!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good-bye Puff

Sad woos again, furiends

Tonight we are saying Goodbye to one of our feline family. Puff had lived here for almost four years, she got here not too long after me! She was already a real old cat then. She had a nice owner, but he was old too and he couldn't take care of himself anymore. So Puff came to live here. My Mom is a bit of a sucker for old cats.

Tonight when Mom got home from work, she found Puff's body. Puff had left on her own. It didn't look like she was hurty or anything like that. She just left. She was almost 20 years old. Her old body just couldn't keep going anymore.

We hope that Puff and her first person have been reunited. They will be so happy to be together again!

We will miss Puff. She was quite a character...always mewing and stealing food!

Good-bye Puff; say hi to all the others for us. We love and miss you all.

Soft woooos

Tehya the sad babydog

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Me Day!!!

Wooooo Furiends

Here is that happier post I promised!
Last Saturday was the most horrible day ever; Mom says it was the worst day of her life; This Saturday we are celebrating one of the best days...the day I arrived here and made this my forever home!

This is what I looked like way back then! I was just six months old. Mom said I couldn't live here..cuz I was a puppy and a girl. Apparently both of those things were against the rules here! For a whole week my Mom said "nope, no way, no how, we can't take that puppy!" Silly Mom! Now she is very glad that she did take me!

I am glad too! I love living here! I got friends to play with; lots of room to run around; good foodies; toys and bones; nice warm beds to sleep in and I'm even allowed on the couch!

This is what I look like now! Mom says I'm a pretty babydog! I'm all growned up, but I am still the Babydog!

Happy Me day!

PS: Me and Mom and alla my pack would like to say thanks to everyone who has been so kind to us over the last week. It has helped our broken hearts.