Saturday, October 9, 2010

Very sad day....

Sad Wooo furiends

It is a very sad day at my house today. Two of my pack have gone to the bridge at the same time.
My humans first Yukon dog, Queen Sleet. Sleet was real old, like over 16. Her body was just breaking down! She had lots of troubles getting up and moving; she mostly just slept. Mom says Sleet didn't have any quality of life anymore. Sleet has been here longer than just about all of us. It's gonna be real hard to get used to her not being here anymore! Sleet was real sweet and nice. She put up with my hooligan ways, as long as I didn't try to steal her rawhides!

My sisfur, Goldie, had to go today too. Goldie had bone cancer in her ribs. The tumor got so big that Goldie couldn't get comfy, no matter how much medicines Mom gave her. She was having trouble walking too and she couldn't even play with a tennis ball anymore. Goldie was real noisy. She was always wooing about something. It's awful quiet right now. Goldie had a special friend, Chase. She shared her pen with him. He's gonna be lonely now. I will take care of him for you, Goldie.

Goodbye my sisters. We will miss you so very much.

Sad wooos

Tehya, the sad babydog

Friday, October 1, 2010

A buncha things

Woo Furiends!
I gots a bunch of things to woo about tonight. It's been busy around my house!
Let's start with some very happy news!
I am officially FOUR! My real birthday got lost in the chaos of my first few months on this planet, but I was six months old or so when I got here so my Mom figured my birthday was in late September. We celebrated with some salmon fillets for dinner, moose bones for chewing and tennis balls for playing!

I am a growed up Babydog now!

All our snow went away, which ain't so happy, but it will be back soon enough! We are enjoying the cool weather anyway!
This is my sisfur, Kayleigh. She is a 12 year old malamutt. I ain't never met Kayleigh without a fence in between us. Mom says Kayleigh might think I'm a squeaky toy and chew on me! YIKES! But she is nice to me through the fence. She has been really sick. Mom actually thinked she was dying a couple weeks ago, but then she got better for no reason, just like she got sick for no reason! Dr. Helen has run all sorts of tests on Kayleigh and we still don't know what's wrong with her! We ruled out some really bad stuff though so that is good! Kayleigh is eating and playing again, but she has the shivers and she can't hold her pee in. Mom got some medicines today to try, just to see if it will help her. Kayleigh could probably use some good vibes!

And some even sadder very first dogger friend went to the bridge yesterday. Reilly lived with the nice people who rescued me from that pound place where they were gonna kill me! He was an old dog then and he didn't really appreciate my puppy energy. I guess I was a bit annoying to him, but he shared his home, foodies and family with me until his people convinced my Mom to let me live here. I will always be grateful to Reilly for that kindness.

Godspeed, Reilly, you were truly a good dog. I will keep an eye on your special human for you.

Tehya, the busy babydog