Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My big brofur is gone....

Sad wooos yet again, furiends

Yesterday my big brother, Earle, made his way to the Bridge.  He didn't seem sick or nothing until a couple days ago.  He got really sick really fast.  His liver had cancer in it; he had a stroke or something; he couldn't even eat his dinner.
Our Dr. Candace said she couldn't fix him.  If any vet coulda fixed him, it would have been her!   There just wasn't anything that could help Earle have a good life again. 
And oh, what a good life it was.  Earle was lucky enough to be with my Mom since he was just a babydog!  He never had to be rescued.  No human ever did a bad thing to him.  All he ever knew was happiness and love. 
He was an uber-awesome big brofur.  Here he is showing me how to cross the scary creek bridge.  He taught me lotssa things and we had tons of fun together.

Mom says Earle was simply the best dog ever.   She and all of us will miss him very ,very much.

Godspeed Earle. 
Thanks for being such a great brofur.

Tehya, broken hearted babydog