Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Did I ever finish this....

Wooooo Furiends

Did I ever finish introducing y'all to my pack? I don't think I did! There are alot of us!

This is my brofurr, Deuce. When he got here his name was Bandit, but there was already a Bandit here and Deuce didn't know he had a name so it got changed! Mom says Deuce is a wild child. I'm not so sure cuz I never really met him without a fence in between us. Deuce mostly took care of himself til was about four years old. No one even fed him dinner! Some people got mad cuz Deuce was gettin' in their garbage and stuff...well, duh, he was hungry! Those people were gonna do some not so nice things to Deuce so this nice man caught him and brought him to the shelter. If you've been paying attention at all, you know the rest of the humans found him there and he came here and never left!

Mom says Deuce really wants to be a good boy, but since no one taught him how to be a good dog when he was a puppy, sometimes he gets in trouble. He likes to knock Mom over to get her attention! Dude, bad idea!! Anyhoo, Deuce is real happy now. He really, really likes having someone to pet him and getting foodies every day!

This is my sisfur, Raven. Raven and I don't get along, well, really it's all Raven's fault! She doesn't like other girl dogs very much. I would be nice to her, but she wants to kick my butt! Mom just keeps us apart! Raven is nice to boy dogs and humans! She loves getting scritchies. You might have heard the Raven Screech, no matter where you live. She is way loud!!! Raven came from the shelter place too. She was there for a year. Mom says she's a bit crazy cuz of that, but Mom seems to like them crazy doggers! ;)

Deuce and Raven live together in their very own pen. They luv each other! Raven chews on Deuce just like I do Anvik! woooohooooo


Saturday, June 13, 2009

I love my big brother!

Woooooo Furiends

Today my Mom took me and Earle and Anvik for a hike. Daisy came too but that ain't our choice!

Me and Earle go for lots of walkies together cuz he needs extra exercise and we get along real good!

It was a beautiful day for a hike!

We went to this place called Wolf Creek today. Daisy likes to swim in the river! She's a water dog. If my Mom didn't take her I dont think Daisy would get to go swimming very often!

When we were done swimming we went walking on the tracks but we had to cross this bridge thing. I did not like that. I was freaking out! I couldn't figure out how to cross it and I thought I might fall through into the river!

Then Earle came back and helped me. He went in front of me and showed me where to put my paws! He's like the nicest big brother there ever was!

On the way back, I wasn't nearly so freaked out and I crossed all by myself!

Next week is Earle's birthday. I think we should have big party for him cuz he's just so nice!!

Thanks for helping me Earle. You rock!!


Monday, June 8, 2009

We are melting!

WOOOOO Furiends

We are melting here! It is very hot! It's been about 30C for days and days. I think that is 80 something for my American furiends. That might not sound hot to some of you, but for the Yukon that is smoking hot! Literally, my Dad's fire radio keeps going off and he goes running out of the house to help put out a fire somewhere. Mom is worried about the fires, but so far no big, out of control ones are near our house. We got a plan just in case we gotta all get out here in a hurry!

This is about all we do when it's hot..nap! I have been running around lots in the evenings when it cools off. I had a serious case of the zoomies last night. Mom was laughing too hard to even grab her camera!

Mom says she might take me to the lake later today. That makes me a happy Tehya. I'd like to take a little dip!