Sunday, February 27, 2011

So much sadnesss....

Sad wooos, again, furiends

This blog is getting depressing! I promise to have a happier post soon, but for right now I gots one more sad one. This has been a most awful weekend around my house.

Friday night my brofur, Bandit, suddenly left us. Bandit was getting older, but we wasn't ready for him to go yet. He was still pretty healthy and a happy dogger. A very bad thing happened to him that had nothing to do with him being an old dog. He was a nice old boy, a bit grumpy with me when I bugged him, but nice. He just grumbled alot; he never did nothing bad to nobody. He had been here for a long time, one of the original pack that started this whole place. We will miss him terribly.

Yesterday, my humans made the most awful, hardest choice ever. They helped Mac & Ozzy on their way to the bridge. They didn't want to and it broke their hearts, but they just had no choice. Mac and Ozzy was littermates who had lived here for almost seven years. Me and Mac was pretty good buddies. He liked to wrassle. Ozzy liked to run and bark at everything. Mom says that they was good boys most of the time, but something was wrong in their heads, something no one could fix. We will miss them too.

I ain't never seen my Mom cry so much; even Dad has had leaky eyes alot. Their hearts are very, very broken. I'm doing my best to take care of them; Tehya kisses are good medicine!

Good-bye my brofurs. Be good and say hi to all the others there for us.

Sad wooos

Tehya, the sad babydog