Monday, March 30, 2009

Mom tricked me....

Wooooo Furiends

My Mom tricked me today...this morning she said "let's go for a car ride, Tehya." I love a car ride, but this one ended up at the vet. Ok, well, I'm not sick so how bad could it be! Well, Let me tell you, it was BAD! I got poked and prodded in my most sensitive areas. They said I had trouble with my anal glands. I do not like having my tail touched ever!! I had no choice but to yelp and wiggle and get away from those people!

Then it got worse, Mom left with me at the clinic! Left me with people who wanted to torture me!!! They gave me some sleepy medicine and after that I can't remember a thing! Who knows what they did to me!!

I'm still all dopey! I don't even wanna get off the couch. I am not a sleepy kind of dog. This is just terrible....I can't believe how Mom tricked me. So mean...

My butt does feel alot better already though. Maybe it wasn't all terrible, but I won't be falling for that trick again!!

Sleepy wooos

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Real Babydog!!

WOooo furiends

Look what was at my house!

A real babydog! This is King Tut. He is only 8 weeks old! We think he is a lab mixed up with a malamute kind of dogger. He is gonna be huge!! He has some big paws already!

I helped Mom and Dad take care of that puppy. I wasn't real sure what he was at first, but we got to be friends!

I helped tucker him out so he had a good sleep last night. He had a very busy day today so he needed some rest! This afternoon my humans took him to the airport and met his forever human. Little Tut got on an airplane and flew away. His forever human is a very nice man and Tut will have a good life with him! We are glad for him, cuz he had it kinda rough so far--out in the cold with yucky foodies and not very much loving!

I am extra glad he didn't stay too long. I got enough siblings and I already got to share my humans with them!

My Mom was a bit too fond of that puppy! I must admit I was a bit jealous! Muskwa was so jealous he just about lost his mind every time that puppy went near Dad!

Plus I am the babydog around this place!! I ain't giving up my title to some other babydog!!

Have a good life, Tut! It was very nice to meet you!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Ah, that's better!

Woooooooooooooo Furiends,

Mom decided that we needed to go running again right after our gong-show run. That's what Mom calls it when things go all crazy! So Tuesday night after her work was over, well the work she gets paid for, we went running!

She let Reggae lead again(with me!), which was a good thing cuz we ran into a bunch of loose dogs and a guy skijoring. Reggae might not always turn where Mom tells him, but he never ever ignores her when she says "on-by"!

Everything went good on this run. We all had fun and all got home together!

Wooo Tehya

Monday, March 16, 2009


Wooo Wooo Furiends

Well, something new to me happened today. My Mom took us for a run. This little kid who is friends with my Mom, came for a ride in the sled, so we were supposed to go for just a short run. Little kids get cold fast! But Reggae wouldn't turn at the end of the lake! So Mom let us run to the next turn around spot. It isn't too far down the trail. But Reggae still wouldn't turn!! So Mom got that kid out of the sled and she put ME up front with Anvik and moved Reggae back to my spot. She shoulda moved Reggae even farther back. Mom says if she could catch Reggae easier she woulda let him run loose for a bit, but he ain't real cooperative about being caught sometimes!

Anyhoo, Reggae dragged us all around in a circle and the snowhooks came out of the snow! Before I knew what was happening, we were running down the trail and Mom and her little friend were way behind us! I heard Mom yell, but I just couldn't stop moving!!

Mom had her cell phone and for a change, it worked! So she called my Dad and he came out on our skidoo to rescue Mom and that kid. Dad found us doggers before he found Mom though. We were running down the trail, heading for home. Dad stopped us and tied the sled to a tree so we couldn't take off again! Then he went and picked up Mom and the girly.

This is us chasing Dad on the skidoo. Mom drove us the rest of the way home, but she was less than happy with us! Mom says Reggae aint getting his nitetime bone tonight!! That little girl thought riding the skidoo was fun! Mom says we will take her for a ride another day!!

I ain't never run in a sled team with no human before. Mom says that hasn't happened to her for four years! I don't recommend it!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

An update on my brofurr...

Thanks for all the prayers and wooooos furiends. My brofurr, Heyoka, got to come home after his surgery on Friday. He is doing ok for now, but the vet found some very bad things in his throat. They sent some little bits away to a special doctor to look at, but we are pretty sure that Heyoka has cancer. That's a major bummer! Mom and Dad are very sad, but they are gonna do whatever they can to keep Heyoka happy and comfy for as long as possible!

This is Mom's favorite pic of me and Heyoka. It was the first time we ever met, the day before he put the dent in my headbone! He is still way, way bigger than me! I'm glad we got to be friends again after the headbone incident. I sure hope he won't be leaving our family too soon!

Soft woooooooooooooooos

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Please cross your paws....

WOOOO furiends

Please cross your paws for my brofurr, Heyoka. He is a very, very sick dogger tonight. We don't know exactly what is wrong. We think he has an infected tooth, but the infection is really bad. His face is all swolled up! Heyoka has a high fever and no energy and he won't eat or nuffing! You malamutes out there know it's a bad sign when one of you doesn't feel like eating!

Mom took him to the vet last night and then took him back this afternoon. Dr. Helen didn't let him come home tonight. He is just too sick! He is getting IV fluids and antibiotics all night. One of the nice tech girls will check on him in the nighttime. It sure seems quiet here without the big goof! He might get to come home tomorrow, but he has to go back on Friday for sure. The vet people are gonna do surgery and get that nasty tooth out! Plus check for some other bad stuff that could be going on. My Mom is stressed and worried!

That's Heyoka on the couch with my brofurr, Chum and my kitty brofurr, Boots. I sure hope Heyoka is hogging the couch again soon!

Thanks furiends

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy ME day!!

Wooo WOoo FUriends!

Today is Tehya Day! I have lived here for two whole years! Time flies when you are having fun and I am always having fun!

This was the first time my Mom met me. I was so little and puny! It took her a week to decide I could come live here! Apparently, girl puppies are against the rules here!

Now I'm all growed up and Mom doesn't know what she would do without me. Good thing she ignored those rules!

Tehya, who is chowing down on Gotcha Day treats!