Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sweet Sophia

Sad wooos again furiends

Yesterday one of my kitty siblings went to the bridge. Sophia was old and very sick.  She loved my Mom more than anything in the world, except maybe Fancy Feast! That cat did like her squishy foodies!

Sophia just couldn't fight all her troubles anymore.  Mom held her for hours and Sophia just drifted off.  She was in her most favourite spot, cuddled up against Mom's face.  If she had to go, I think that's a nice way for her to leave. 

It's been a very, very sad year around my house.  I hope we get a break for awhile.  Our hearts are getting too hurty!

Tehya the Babydog

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My BIG sisfur

Woooo furiends

We have lost another member of our family.  Yesterday my BIG sisfur, Kayleigh, went to the bridge.  
Kayleigh lived here long before me. Mom brought her home in 2001, when Kayleigh was just 2 and a half years old. Mom says she was a tough girl!  Life wasn't too kind to Kayleigh when she was a babydog and she had some issues.  She did not like to share anything and she needed to have her own space.  I wasn't allowed in Kayleigh's pen.  Mom says I would have been a Kayleigh snack in no time!  I can be a bit much sometimes!

Kayleigh loved humans as much as she didn't like other dogs!  She loved belly rubs, playing fetch and going swimming.  She weighed over 100 pounds!  I told you she was my BIG sisfur!  She still thought she should be a lap dog though! 
Tuesday night Kayleigh got real sick and kinda collapsed.  Our Mom was away so our dogsitter rushed her to the vet.  Kayleigh seemed to perk up overnight, but in the morning she had a seizure and died.  Mom was on her way home then.  She wishes she had made it in time to say goodbye, but I think Kayleigh wanted it this way....she was a real independant kinda dogger.  Dr. Candace said Kayleigh had acute kidney failure. 

Goodbye, Kayleigh. I will miss wooing at you through your fence.  Behave yourself in Heaven! 

Sad woooos
Tehya, who is getting to be a lonely babydog!

Friday, September 30, 2011

I am FIVE!!


I am FIVE...a grown up Babydog!  Yesterday was my birthday!  Mom doesn't know what day I was really born on and I forget, but it was sometime in September.  September 29 is a sad day for my Mom's human family.  They had a tragedy on that day years ago.  She thought it would be nice to have something happy on that day too, so it's my birthday!
I had a nice day...playing with my friends and getting extra treats.  I got some new squeaky tennis balls too.  I love those things!  And I got to sleep on the bed, even though my Dad is home right now.  Usually I gotta sleep on the floor when he's home cuz he's a bed hog! 

Happy  birthday to me, happy birthday to me......

Tehya, growed up babydog!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some fun stuff...

Woooooooooooo Furiends

Thanks for all the kindness after I lost my brofur. 
We miss Earle very much around here.  I have been snuggling lots with Mom to make her feel better!

I thought I would post some fun stuff today! 
We did have some fun this summer!
Those kids that my mom loves so much came to visit us again!

Aren't they getting big?  Kids grow up so fast!
All three of them stayed with us for a week or so.
Their Mom and step-Dad came too, but they didn't stay at my house.  They brought a house on wheels that they pulled behind their truck! Their baby sister didn't come either...too little!  Maybe next summer I will get to meet Zoe too!

Our Dad even came home to see those kids!  They went to Haines, Alaska for a couple days. 
There were bears everywhere in Haines!  This little dude was playing in the river!  I think he was supposed to be catching his dinner, but you know sometimes ya gotta play!
The oldest girl, Naomi, stayed with us for 10 extra days all by herself. I took her for a walk and showed her around my neighbourhood! I'm a good hostess!

It was nice having her here. She's real quiet and super nice, especially to animals!   Extra hands for petting and opening doors are always a good thing!

Tehya, hostest with the mostest babydog

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My big brofur is gone....

Sad wooos yet again, furiends

Yesterday my big brother, Earle, made his way to the Bridge.  He didn't seem sick or nothing until a couple days ago.  He got really sick really fast.  His liver had cancer in it; he had a stroke or something; he couldn't even eat his dinner.
Our Dr. Candace said she couldn't fix him.  If any vet coulda fixed him, it would have been her!   There just wasn't anything that could help Earle have a good life again. 
And oh, what a good life it was.  Earle was lucky enough to be with my Mom since he was just a babydog!  He never had to be rescued.  No human ever did a bad thing to him.  All he ever knew was happiness and love. 
He was an uber-awesome big brofur.  Here he is showing me how to cross the scary creek bridge.  He taught me lotssa things and we had tons of fun together.

Mom says Earle was simply the best dog ever.   She and all of us will miss him very ,very much.

Godspeed Earle. 
Thanks for being such a great brofur.

Tehya, broken hearted babydog

Friday, July 15, 2011

My New Kind of Adventuring!


Long time no wooooooooooo again!!
Sorry 'bout that!!
Me and Mom have been having lots of fun this summer.  We have been adventuring by bike!  Mac was Mom's biking buddy and she was missing him alot!

So she decided to take me biking!  Yuppers, I get tied to the bike!!!  Well, to this contrapation called a Springer. It keeps me from getting run over and I can't pull the bike over and make us crash! But I still get to run as fast as my little legs will go!  It's AWESOME FUN!!!!!!
 There have been some mean dogs in our neighbourhood.  They are not nice and their owners are kinda dumb about controlling them. Just cuz you are on a leash don't mean you are under control!!  Not when you are jumping and lunging and trying to bite dogs that are minding their own business!  That's another good thing about biking...if we see those dogs, we zip by them no problem!  When we get farther down the trail, Mom lets me off-leash. I'm a good girl....I come when I'm called and I would never beat up another dog.   I just like to play, not fight!  Fighting is no fun!!  Those other dogs could learn a thing or two from me!
We always go somewhere I can go swimming.  I had no idea there were so many swimming holes around here! This is big one!  It used to be a copper mine, now it's a giant hole full of water!  It's like my own pool!

Biking is fun! Tell your humans to get a springer! A tired human is a good human!!

Tehya, biking babydog!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My brother is all better!!!!

Woooooooo furiends

A little while ago, my humans went away again! Uncle Todd came and took care of us. We were good this time! No fighting, running away and no one got sick! Phew!

My humans took Heyoka with them! Heyoka is my giant malamute brofurr. He's real nice...well, now he is, for a long time he was none too fond of l'il ol' me! Heyoka had something wrong in his throat. It made it very hard for him to breathe and hard for us to sleep, cuz he was really, really noisy. He just couldn't get enough air into his lungs! He couldn't really run and play anymore. It's hard to have energy when you can't get air! Our nice vet, Dr. Candace, couldn't fix Heyoka's throat. It needed a special vet with extra training and fancy equipment!

Dr. Candace referred Heyoka to a vet who had all that stuff, but his office is really far away in the United States of America! My humans loaded up the van and headed out on the Alaska Highway to Anchorage, Alaska! It's about 15 hours of driving to get there from our house! Mom says it's real pretty though. She took lottssa pictures!
They saw lots of caribous!  I would like to see some caribous!  Maybe Mom will take me on a road trip sometime, although I'd rather not have to get sick first!
This is Heyoka and my Dad waiting to meet Dr. Priddy.  Turned out he was a very nice doctor.  He thought he could help Heyoka and the next day he did surgery on Heyoka's throat!   Heyoka had something called larengyal paralysis...basically his throat didn't open right and not enough air could get to his lungs!  Dr. Priddy fixed that right up!  The extra good news is that the lumps and bumps in Heyoka's throat should go away now. They ain't nothing bad like cancer. 
Heyoka has a big naked spot on his throat and a bunch of staples in his skin!  He ain't allowed to run and play too much for another week.  Mom has to give him soft foodies only, probably forever and he has his own bowls that are up higher, so he doesn't have to bend his neck to eat.  Heyoka doesn't make any noise when he breathes now!  All the air he needs gets to his lungs! 
He is a much happier dogger now! 

We are all happy too...we can sleep better knowing our brother is healthy
 and without his crazy snoring waking us up!

Tehya, the healthy babydog who is looking forward to playing with her big brofurr!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Walkies at Wolf Creek

WOoooooooooooooooooooS Furiends

Last night me and Mom went for a big walk...just the two of us & we went somewhere I ain't never been before!...The Wolf Creek Campground; it's just a few minutes drive from our house.

In the summer it's a really busy place full of tourists and campers. It's not so good for running around at that time of year, but it's great right now! We never saw one other person! We had the whole place to ourselves!
I was one happy baby dog! The days are getting longer and warmer here, but we still lots and lots of snow!
In some places the snow was deeper than my legs are long and I had to do some bouncing! I suppose I coulda stayed on the trail, but that's not nearly as much fun as bouncing!
There's plenty of snow for snacking on! It's a good way to cool down! Running is hot and thirsty work!
We totally ignored that stop sign, woooooooooo!!! Mom says it wasn't for walking anyway, only so cars don't go down there in the summertime.

We checked out the view! Wolf Creek is real pretty and the trails go right over the the mighty Yukon River!
This is the Yukon River. Pretty, right??
I thought about going down the cliff to check out the River up close, but Mom freaked out. She yelled, "TEHYA NO" in her "i really mean it" voice. I bet all you doggers know that voice! I almost always listen to Mom, but I absolutely always listen when she uses the "I really mean it" voice.

Then we walked some more, I chased some squirrels and some birds. Mom took more pictures and somehow we ended up back at our van!

Mom wouldn't let me drive home! I am part Border Collie; I'm probably smart enough to drive! But I was kinda tired after all that fun! Mom says that was the whole point! A tired babydog is a good babydog!

Tehya, who wants to go check out some more new places!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good-bye Puff

Sad woos again, furiends

Tonight we are saying Goodbye to one of our feline family. Puff had lived here for almost four years, she got here not too long after me! She was already a real old cat then. She had a nice owner, but he was old too and he couldn't take care of himself anymore. So Puff came to live here. My Mom is a bit of a sucker for old cats.

Tonight when Mom got home from work, she found Puff's body. Puff had left on her own. It didn't look like she was hurty or anything like that. She just left. She was almost 20 years old. Her old body just couldn't keep going anymore.

We hope that Puff and her first person have been reunited. They will be so happy to be together again!

We will miss Puff. She was quite a character...always mewing and stealing food!

Good-bye Puff; say hi to all the others for us. We love and miss you all.

Soft woooos

Tehya the sad babydog

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Me Day!!!

Wooooo Furiends

Here is that happier post I promised!
Last Saturday was the most horrible day ever; Mom says it was the worst day of her life; This Saturday we are celebrating one of the best days...the day I arrived here and made this my forever home!

This is what I looked like way back then! I was just six months old. Mom said I couldn't live here..cuz I was a puppy and a girl. Apparently both of those things were against the rules here! For a whole week my Mom said "nope, no way, no how, we can't take that puppy!" Silly Mom! Now she is very glad that she did take me!

I am glad too! I love living here! I got friends to play with; lots of room to run around; good foodies; toys and bones; nice warm beds to sleep in and I'm even allowed on the couch!

This is what I look like now! Mom says I'm a pretty babydog! I'm all growned up, but I am still the Babydog!

Happy Me day!

PS: Me and Mom and alla my pack would like to say thanks to everyone who has been so kind to us over the last week. It has helped our broken hearts.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

So much sadnesss....

Sad wooos, again, furiends

This blog is getting depressing! I promise to have a happier post soon, but for right now I gots one more sad one. This has been a most awful weekend around my house.

Friday night my brofur, Bandit, suddenly left us. Bandit was getting older, but we wasn't ready for him to go yet. He was still pretty healthy and a happy dogger. A very bad thing happened to him that had nothing to do with him being an old dog. He was a nice old boy, a bit grumpy with me when I bugged him, but nice. He just grumbled alot; he never did nothing bad to nobody. He had been here for a long time, one of the original pack that started this whole place. We will miss him terribly.

Yesterday, my humans made the most awful, hardest choice ever. They helped Mac & Ozzy on their way to the bridge. They didn't want to and it broke their hearts, but they just had no choice. Mac and Ozzy was littermates who had lived here for almost seven years. Me and Mac was pretty good buddies. He liked to wrassle. Ozzy liked to run and bark at everything. Mom says that they was good boys most of the time, but something was wrong in their heads, something no one could fix. We will miss them too.

I ain't never seen my Mom cry so much; even Dad has had leaky eyes alot. Their hearts are very, very broken. I'm doing my best to take care of them; Tehya kisses are good medicine!

Good-bye my brofurs. Be good and say hi to all the others there for us.

Sad wooos

Tehya, the sad babydog

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good-Bye Founder...

Sad woos, again, Furiends.

On Sunday our humans had to go away again. My Mom has a messed up wrist; she says we did it when we dragged her behind the dog sled a couple winters ago, we disagree, but she had have surgery on it! She had to go see a special doctor in Vancouver.

Our friend, Uncle Todd, was taking care of us. He took care of us when the humans went to Costa Rica too and we were all really good!

Monday night, Uncle Todd, came home and found Founder laying in the snow and he wouldn't get up! So he called our Mom who told him what to do. Founder always was a drama king who liked to pretend he was really hurt when he wasn't!

Uncle Todd got Founder in the house and settled on his favorite blanket. He called Mom and told her everything seemed to be fine, but it wasn't. A couple hours later, Founder died in his sleep! Poor Uncle Todd had to call our humans at 2am to tell them that...that could not have been fun!
Mom and Dad came home as soon as they could. They were very upset that they were not here when one of us needed them, but we know Founder knew he was loved and he was not alone.

Dad took Founder's body to our vet, the nice Dr. Candace. He was worried that someone had poisoned him or that he got into something that could hurt the rest of us. Mom was very worried that there had been a fight and Founder died from his injuries, even though his body didn't look like he had been fighting.
Dr. Candace found that Founder had a big tumour on his heart. It got so big that his heart couldn't beat anymore. Founder didn't suffer or feel any pain; he just slipped away. That makes all our hurty hearts feel a bit better.

Founder was a real nice dog. He was friends with everyone. He loved to get his butt scratched . He was always telling stories and yaking at the humans. He met everyone at the gate with a big WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It's real quiet here without him!

Good-bye Founder. We will miss you. We love you.

Sad wooos

Tehya the babydog, who is tired of saying goodbye to her furiends.