Friday, July 15, 2011

My New Kind of Adventuring!


Long time no wooooooooooo again!!
Sorry 'bout that!!
Me and Mom have been having lots of fun this summer.  We have been adventuring by bike!  Mac was Mom's biking buddy and she was missing him alot!

So she decided to take me biking!  Yuppers, I get tied to the bike!!!  Well, to this contrapation called a Springer. It keeps me from getting run over and I can't pull the bike over and make us crash! But I still get to run as fast as my little legs will go!  It's AWESOME FUN!!!!!!
 There have been some mean dogs in our neighbourhood.  They are not nice and their owners are kinda dumb about controlling them. Just cuz you are on a leash don't mean you are under control!!  Not when you are jumping and lunging and trying to bite dogs that are minding their own business!  That's another good thing about biking...if we see those dogs, we zip by them no problem!  When we get farther down the trail, Mom lets me off-leash. I'm a good girl....I come when I'm called and I would never beat up another dog.   I just like to play, not fight!  Fighting is no fun!!  Those other dogs could learn a thing or two from me!
We always go somewhere I can go swimming.  I had no idea there were so many swimming holes around here! This is big one!  It used to be a copper mine, now it's a giant hole full of water!  It's like my own pool!

Biking is fun! Tell your humans to get a springer! A tired human is a good human!!

Tehya, biking babydog!