Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How I spent my birthday

Woo Furiends

Yesterday was my birthday! Yuppers, I am THREE!! Where has the time gone!?

I may be all growed up now, but I am still the Babydog!

I had a very fun birthday.

Here I am waiting for a special treat. Mom had her pockets stuffed full of yummy goodies!

Anvik came to visit me in my pen. He doesn't usually stay back in my pen. I showed him around and gave him a little chewing!

I chewed on Pacer for awhile too! Pacer loves it when I chew on him!
We even sang a little duet.."Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday, dear Tehya the Babydog, Happy Birthday to me!"
Tehya the 3 year old Babydog!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just me and Mom

WOOOO, furiends!

Today I got to go for walkies all by myself, just me and Mom! I don't know why no one else got to come too. No one is in trouble or anything like that. Musta just been my lucky day!

It's pretty on my trails right now. Lotssa colors! It's real windy today though so I think those pretty leaves will be on the ground soon!

We went to the lake. Mom says it will be too cold for swimming soon; its already too cold for humans to go swimming! So I figured I better get in a little dip!
I had lots of fun ripping around and I was very well behaved. I came back every time Mom called me and I was nice to these two little dog we ran into. They were littler than my cats! Maybe it's a good thing only I went on this walk. Some of my siblings might have mistook those wee dogs for squirrels or snacks!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Berry Picking

Woooo Furiends

Me and Mom went berry picking today.

This is what we were looking for, low bush cranberries! They can be kinda hard to spot, cuz alot of red berries grow around here and some of them are yucky!!

Mom makes jam and muffins and stuff with the berries! Last year there was zillions of them around. We had to look a little harder this year. Cranberries do not like it when we have a hot, dry summer....neither does Mom come to think of it!

We wasn't looking for this, but we found some! Woo Hoooo, it's moose poop! We didn't see the moose today though; we never do when Mom has her camera!
Daisy likes berry picking. She gets to lay around alot! Mom always takes dogs with her when she goes berrypicking...cuz bears really like berries! We probably wouldn't be much help with a bear, but at least we would let her know one is coming!
I don't like laying around as much as Daisy. I was hunting mousies and chasing squirrels!
Mom got enough berries to do some baking. She already made two cranberry loaves and she froze some to use in the winter time. Tomorrow we might go check out a different cranberry picking patch!
Mom says I need to go to the lake.....I sorta rolled in some of that moose poop! All my doggy friends think I smell devine, but Mom says I need a bath or I'm sleeping outside!!