Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good-bye Paxil

Sad wooos furiends

My sister, Paxil, made her trip to the bridge today. She was an older dog, but we thought she was healthy. She didn't act sick or nothing, until last night. She got stuck in her doghouse and peed on herself. This morning she couldn't stand up or use her back legs at all. Mom and Dad took her to see our Dr. Candace, but she said that there wasn't nothing that would help Paxil. Dr. Candace think Paxil had cancer. She had that before but she got better. I guess it came back and was even meaner this time! There was a big lump of cancer in Paxil's belly that she didn't tell anyone about. It made something bad happen in her brain or her back or something and that made her legs stop working. The rest of her was not working right either. Mom spent all afternoon with Paxil and then Dr. Candace helped Paxil get to the bridge.

Mom says Paxil was the best lead dog she ever knew. She taught Mom a lot about being a musher, like how to just trust your lead dog. Before she decided to retire, Paxil started my lead dog training. I hope someday I can fill her lead dog booties.

Good-bye Paxil. We will miss you. I'll take care of Mom on the trails for you.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Adventuring again at last!!

Wooo furiends

My humans are finally home! They had a really nice trip to Cuba and we were well behaved for the dogsitter. Uncle Dave and Auntie Stephanie took good care of us, but they didn't take us on any adventures. My Mom and Dad took me adventuring yesterday. We went for a long drive to this place in the boonies, where we went for a really long walk. My Dad has something called a prospecting lease way out in the forest. I dont know what that is, but I know it was fun going there. Well mostly fun.

When we first got there, me and Muskwa went for a little walkabout while the humans were getting their backpacks ready. That turned out to be not such a good idea! First I got in trouble for not listening to Mom. Muskwa never listens to Mom. He only listens to Dad, but usually I come back the first time Mom calls me. It's the border collie in me, makes me listen to humans! Mom called me about 20 times before I came booting it back down the trail. I got put on a leash and told that I would not have any fun if I didn't start listening again. Muskwa came back a couple minutes after me.

Unfortunately, Muskwa had run into one of these things....a porcupine!!! Can you see it waddling down by the water.

Muskwa had a bunch of pokie things in his face, his chest and his paws. You should have heard the howling and screeching! We were a long way from the vet so Dad had to pull the quills out. It would have been worse to make Muskwa wait til we got to the vet place. Mom and me went down the road by the river so we couldn't hear Muskwa crying. It was making Mom cry too. Muskwa stayed in the truck for the rest of the day. Mom gave him some pain medicine and he just went to sleep for awhile. That Mom, she's always prepared for doggie emergencies!

Me and Mom and Dad went walking through the trees. There really isn't a trail to the spot we were going. Dad said we were bushwacking! After awhile Mom let me off my leash and I listened really good all day! I don't want those pokie things in my face!

I chased some squirrels and grouse. I dug some holes. I went swimming.

I helped Dad figure out where we were going and eat his lunch. Mom brought lots of doggy treats too, but Dad's sandwich was yummy!

I was a happy dog to be out adventuring with both my humans. Usually it's just Mom that takes us adventuring!

I was one tired Tehya on the way home! I slept for the whole drive!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My last post fur awhile...

Wooooo FUriends

I won't be able to post for a couple weeks. My typist, also known as Mom, is going away. And get this...she's taking my Dad with her!! They are both leaving us!! That has never happened before. Usually one of them goes away, like when my Dad goes to work or Mom goes to see those little people she loves, but they never BOTH go away!

See how sad I am about this!!!

Ok, actually, I was just bored cuz spring is boring! Seriously, spring is boring!!

We are a bit nervous about this being left thing though. Mom tells us they will come back and she keeps asking us to behave ourselves. I always behave, but as you know my brothers can be a bit troublesome!

Our Auntie Stephanie is coming to take care of us. She's already here actually, learning about us before our humans leave us! She is a nice lady and she has lots of experience with doggers, plus she is learning to be a nurse so she can take care of us if we get hurt! Her boyfriend, Dave, came too. That's good cuz taking care of us can be a 2 person job, especially when you aint used to it, like our Mom is!

My humans are going to Cuba. Mom says that is a hot island where she is going see stuff and relax. I suppose she needs to relax. I don't know why she can't just take me for a walk! That's relaxing!! My humans got hitched 10 years ago on May 15. Dad says they need to celebrate their anniversary...again, I think a nice long walk with me would be a good celebration! But whatever, I hope they have a fun time and get home to me safely!

Bye fur now everyfur!
Tehya the abandoned babydog!