Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goodbye Mr. Phred...

Sad wooos, furiends

One of my very bestest human friends has gone to the bridge. I never met Mr. Phred in real life, but sometime you don't have to meet someone face to face to love them.

Mr. Phred was my Mom's cyber friend for many years. He was always kind and helpful. He sent up lotssa prayers and vibes when one of us was sick or lost or Mom was just worrying as Mom's will do. He helped us when Delta was missing; when Mac got in a big bunch of trouble a couple years ago and he was one of the people who helped convince my Mom to keep me forever! I am forever grateful, Mr. Phred!

Mr. Phred's body just let him down. I bet his spirit still wanted to be here, but his body just couldn't stay anymore. He left for the Bridge yesterday afternoon. Oh, what a party they had up there last night!! Lots of critters loved Mr. Phred and he loved all creatures. He had many furiends waiting for him; his own pets and those of his many friends. Mr. Phred rescued more than a few animals in his life and helped so many more get to their forever homes. I know now he is hanging out with all those animals and I bet he got to take a few more with him...those ones who weren't lucky enough to a forever home in this life. Now they will have Mr. Phred to love them in heaven!

We will miss you, Phred. You always made my Mom laugh! Thanks for everything. You were truly a good person. The world needs more like you! I wish we had met in real life, but I'm glad we got know you in cyberland!

We will keep you in our hearts until we meet again!

Tehya and alla the Wandering Spirits residents.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

What the heck????


There is some oddness going on at my house!

There are suitcases out and my Mom is putting stuff in them....
Stuff for both her and Dad!!

What the heck?????

This dude, Todd, has been coming over and playing with us for months.

Tonight he fed us our dinner

and he has "the book".....

THE BOOK that my Mom made that explains how to take care of us!!!!!
What the heck?????

Mom says they are going on vacation AGAIN!!!

Mom says we have to be good dogs for Todd!!!

Sheeesh....I am always good, but

Why do my humans need a vacation?

Silly Humans!!

Tehya the soon to be abandoned babydog!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Very sad day....

Sad Wooo furiends

It is a very sad day at my house today. Two of my pack have gone to the bridge at the same time.
My humans first Yukon dog, Queen Sleet. Sleet was real old, like over 16. Her body was just breaking down! She had lots of troubles getting up and moving; she mostly just slept. Mom says Sleet didn't have any quality of life anymore. Sleet has been here longer than just about all of us. It's gonna be real hard to get used to her not being here anymore! Sleet was real sweet and nice. She put up with my hooligan ways, as long as I didn't try to steal her rawhides!

My sisfur, Goldie, had to go today too. Goldie had bone cancer in her ribs. The tumor got so big that Goldie couldn't get comfy, no matter how much medicines Mom gave her. She was having trouble walking too and she couldn't even play with a tennis ball anymore. Goldie was real noisy. She was always wooing about something. It's awful quiet right now. Goldie had a special friend, Chase. She shared her pen with him. He's gonna be lonely now. I will take care of him for you, Goldie.

Goodbye my sisters. We will miss you so very much.

Sad wooos

Tehya, the sad babydog

Friday, October 1, 2010

A buncha things

Woo Furiends!
I gots a bunch of things to woo about tonight. It's been busy around my house!
Let's start with some very happy news!
I am officially FOUR! My real birthday got lost in the chaos of my first few months on this planet, but I was six months old or so when I got here so my Mom figured my birthday was in late September. We celebrated with some salmon fillets for dinner, moose bones for chewing and tennis balls for playing!

I am a growed up Babydog now!

All our snow went away, which ain't so happy, but it will be back soon enough! We are enjoying the cool weather anyway!
This is my sisfur, Kayleigh. She is a 12 year old malamutt. I ain't never met Kayleigh without a fence in between us. Mom says Kayleigh might think I'm a squeaky toy and chew on me! YIKES! But she is nice to me through the fence. She has been really sick. Mom actually thinked she was dying a couple weeks ago, but then she got better for no reason, just like she got sick for no reason! Dr. Helen has run all sorts of tests on Kayleigh and we still don't know what's wrong with her! We ruled out some really bad stuff though so that is good! Kayleigh is eating and playing again, but she has the shivers and she can't hold her pee in. Mom got some medicines today to try, just to see if it will help her. Kayleigh could probably use some good vibes!

And some even sadder very first dogger friend went to the bridge yesterday. Reilly lived with the nice people who rescued me from that pound place where they were gonna kill me! He was an old dog then and he didn't really appreciate my puppy energy. I guess I was a bit annoying to him, but he shared his home, foodies and family with me until his people convinced my Mom to let me live here. I will always be grateful to Reilly for that kindness.

Godspeed, Reilly, you were truly a good dog. I will keep an eye on your special human for you.

Tehya, the busy babydog

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hey, it's winter!


Just a few days ago, it looked like this on our road!

It was nice and sunny and full of pretty colors.

Now it looks like this in our yard!

Winter came back early!!

We got SIX inches of snow yesterday!

Us husky doggers are pretty happy about this, except Sleet the Ancient, who is disgusted!

Mom is not so happy!

She still has a whole bunch of stuff she was supposed to do before winter!

Guess she will be doing her chores in her winter gear now!


Tehya, the snow lovin' babydog!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cranberry Picking Fun

WOOOOOO Furiends
A couple weeks ago, me and my Mom went cranberry picking. We go every fall and Mom uses the berries to make all sorts of yummy stuff. I sampled a cranberry muffin and it was delicious!

These are what we were looking for, low bush cranberries. They grow on the ground in the forest near my house. This year was a good cranberry year; we had lots of rain and just enough hot weather for the berries! We didn't have any trouble finding berries this year. There were tons of them!

I was supposed to be on bear alert. Bears really really really really like cranberries!!! But there was so much fun stuff to do in the forest, like chasing squirrels!

And rolling in stinky stuff! I think it was old bear poop! Mom says I am useless as a bear dog!

I guess that's why Daisy got to come. She is a good bear alert dog. She likes to stay close to Mom and watch everything. Fortunately, no bears came to our cranberry patches that day! Daisy only barked at a labby dog who came running by with her human! Mom didn't really need protecting from a lab dog, but Daisy is good at letting Mom know something is coming!

I am good at enjoying myself in the trees! HaROOOOOO


Tehya, the fun babydog!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to mess with your human

Wooooooooooooo Furiends
Tonight's lesson is how to mess with your human!

Step 1: When she brings you dinner, start doing the Horka Dance.

Step 2: Act like you don't want to eat, look pathetic. It's very effective if you can make some gagging noises too!

Step 3: When the human lets you out of your pen, race to the house, like you just gotta get inside right this minute!

Step 4: Let the human fawn over you for a few minutes.

Step 5: Wolf down your dinner like you ain't seen food in three weeks!

The reason this is so effective is that the human will be very relieved to see you eat and you will not get in trouble for tricking her!

Tehya the tricker babydog!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A new swimming hole

WOoooo Furiends

After all our bad excitement yesterday, Mom decided to take us to do something fun today. Me and Pacer and Anvik got to go for a extra long hike!

We started out the same way we always go, but then we turned a new way! We climbed a giant hill and followed this road. We went past the creek I sometimes go swimming in. It is really, really fast in this spot. Mom wouldn't let us go in there! We were disappointed cuz we were thristy and I wanted to go swimming!
Then we came around a corner and HOLY MOLEY, a new swimming hole! It looks like a little lake, but Mom says it used to be part of a copper mine. The mine went away but they left this big hole behind and it got filled with water. Mom says there are a couple more quarries that I ain't been to yet too!
It was a great swimming hole! I had lots of fun playing in the water.

I would like to go back to that quarry place! Mom says she has even been swimming in there when was really hot out. I think she should come in with me next time!

Tehya, water loving babydog

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pokie things!!!!!


We had a calamity here in the wee hours of the morning! Some of us were napping away in the house. I was keeping Mom's feet warm. That's my job at night. Suddenly there was a whole bunch of noise out in the yard. Mom jumped outta bed and went running outside to see what all the commotion was about. Sometimes it means something cool like a moose or a bear is cruising by our fence, but it was not something cool this time.

It was one of these rotten pokie critters! A porcupine! The worst part was it got through our fence somehow!!! It was right in our yard!! In my pen!! Thank goodness I wasn't out there! I don't want no pokie things in my nose!

My buddy, Reggae, was out there though. He don't like sleeping in the house. He came over to Mom and his face was full of quills. Ow, ow, owwwww, poor Reggae. Mom has been working really hard to get Reggae to trust her. He is kinda shy and skeered sometimes. He must know that Mom was trying to help him though cuz he let her catch him and take him to the shop.

Mom says Reggae was the very bestest patient ever. He let her pull all those pokie hurty quills out of his face and he didn't even yelp! Then he had some medicines and Mom put him Kayleigh's crate to have a little nap. Obviously Kayleigh wasn't in there or we would have had another calamity!

Reggae is feeling better this morning and back to his smiley self. (This picture is from a couple weeks ago,but you can see his nice smile!)

Mom feels very bad that Reggae got hurt where he should be the safest... in his own pen! We aren't allowed in our pen for a few days. Mom has to make sure it is porcupine free first! I wouldn't want to be that porkie if my Mom finds it; she is some kind of mad at it!


Tehya, who don't like porcupines babydog!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Noms and Foodies Galore!!!

WOoooooo Furiends
I have been a bit under the weather lately. That's why I haven't posted for a bit. I haven't told Mom exactly what was wrong with me, but I was just laying around, all blah and I wouldn't eat my foodies. Mighta had something to do with piece of rotting fish I found in a hole Reggae dug a few months ago!

Mom was quite worried since as you know, I am a life of the party kind of girl, not a wallflower! But I have got my energy back and my appetites! I am wolfing down the foodies again. Good thing to cuz we gots lotssa eating to do!

On Monday, I went for a truck ride with my Mom. We went to this place that sells dogger foodies and look what we picked up!

A big ol' bunch o' foodies!

And then my Dad got out the scary saw thing and he cut up a whole bunch of meat for us! We get the meat from our friend who is a butcher dude. It is all scraps and bones and stuff that humans don't want for some reason! Mostly it is moose meat and it is yummy!

It takes alot of foodies to feed this many doggers! I think we are set for the summer now! Nom, nom, nommmmmmm


Tehya, the well fed babydog!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Play Date

Wooo Furiends
A few days ago, I went on a play date. I got to go for a big walk with three of my friends, Abbey, Lucky and Popeye, and my human friend, Ms. Michelle.

This is Abbey. Cute, ain't she? She's a real nice girl. She's getting older and she moves real slow, but she still likes to come for long walks. I just have to remember not to wrassle with her!

We went swimming together instead of wrassling. Abbey likes to just stand in the icy cold water! Mom was not impressed that I went in this swamp, but a girl's gotta cool off when she can in the summer!

This is Lucky. A few months ago, he almost went to the Bridge! His back legs stopped working and no one could figure out why. He has a little hitch in hims gitalong now, but he is doing way, way better! He likes my Mom cuz she always has treats in her pockets when we go for walks!

This is Popeye. I'm pretty sure he related to my brofur, Pacer. They sure look alike! Popeye and I used to be very good friends, but I am a bit miffed at him right now. We were getting along just fine on our walk, playing and chasing each other. Then when we got to his house, after we had treats and stuff, he bit me! FOR NO REASON! All of the sudden he just jumped me. He made my ear bleed! My Mom was not happy with him, neither was his mom! He got in a lot of trouble for that. Lucky for him, I am a nice girl and I didn't bite him back! I might even play with him again if he doesn't act like a jerk!


Tehya, who's ear is just fine now!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My totally awesome day

Wooo Furiends
I have had a totally awesome day!
It started out just regular--hanging out with my pack, watching Mom do her chores, chewing on Anvik...pretty much what I do every Saturday morning! Then Mom asked if I wanted to go for a car ride! I am always up for a car ride & the vet clinic isn't even open today so I was pretty sure it wasn't a trick!
I LOVE car rides. They are so relaxing! I like to stretch out across the front seat and use Mom's stuff as a pillow. It's easier for her to scratch my ears like that too!
We went to town and got some cat litter. That means we had to go to two different stores; cuz my cats are weird and they don't all like the same kind of stuff in their litterboxes! At one of those stores, some kids were having a BBQ. They were selling hamburgers to raise money for something! Mom was really hungry from doing all her chores earlier so she decided to get a burger. She got one for ME too! I didn't get a bun, just yummy, yummy meat!

On our way home, we decided we should burn off some of those calories and we stopped for a walk! Just me and Mom out walking around. I hardly ever get Mom all to myself! We went to the creek, I went swimming, chased squirrels and had a couple milk bone chicken treats.

For dinner I got to have a chunk o' moose meat and a bone!

Best Day EVER!!

Tehya, the spoiled, happy babydog!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Polar Bear Puppy

WOOOOOOOo Furiends

Today I pretended to be a polar bear!

Look at me swimming out to the ice, just like a polar bear!! I love swimming! Most of the lake by my house is still covered in ice, but there is a little swimming hole open now!
Daisy came swimming with me. Daisy is a mega-water dog! Good thing she likes to swim otherwise I would have to go by myself most of the time; Most of my husky pack don't much like swimming!
See how dry Anvik is! He barely even got his paws wet today! He's a water wussy!

Tehya, polar bear copying babydog!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring is boring

Wooo Furiends

Sorry I haven't woooed anything for awhile. Spring is just so boring! There hasn't been anything good to woo about!

This is pretty much what I think of boring ya might as well sleep through it!

Today Mom decided we needed some exercise. We had way more fun than Mom did. Mom does not like mud and muck and slipping around on the leftover snow! I think all those things are kinda fun! Me and Earle and Hobo had a fantabulous time!

We even did some mud wrassling! Ever notice how the most fun things in life require getting really dirty!!?? Mom says I might have to sleep outside tonight! I am filthy!! That's how you know it was a good walk; you come home filthy!


Tehya the dirty Babydog!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Woooo Furiends

Look!!! Daisy has a twin!

That's Daisy in front and her twin, Ruffy, behind her. They even have the same little hitch in their git-along! They gotta be twins!


Tehya, the one of a kind babydog!

PS: Ruffy does not live here or with Daisy. He lives with my Mom's very good friend, Miss Michelle. She saved him from a very bad life! Now Ruffy has a really nice home with Miss Michelle and is a very much loved dogger, like we all should be!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Partyin' Babydog

WOOOOO furiends

Last night we had a big party at my house. One of my human friends was turning old! Oh I mean 40 which my Mom says ain't old in human years!
A buncha people came over; Mom made a bunch of treats and foodies, even cake! She was worried that someone would feed Earle some human food though and that might make him sick again. So we made a sign that said don't feed the dogs human foodies. Then she put out some yummy doggie treats that we are all allowed to even us doggers got to have treats and snacks!

Best of all, we had a live band!!! Some of my pack didn't like all that noise, but I thought it was fun! I was right in the middle of favorite place to be!

Tired wooooooooooooooos

Tehya the party animal babydog!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A happy post...Making new Furiends

Wooooooooooooo Furiends
Yeserday was a bit of a bummer post, but today I have much happier things to talk about. This morning, I got to make two new furiends. My Mom and her friend, Miss Michelle, introduced me to two doggers, Trag and Indy!

This is Trag. He is an older fella and he don't put up with any hooliganism! He did try to wrassle with me a little bit, but mostly he just stayed on his leash and hung out with humans.
This is Indy. He's just a youngster like me! Our walk was really more for Indy's benefit than Trag's. Indy needed to burn off some energy! We had lots of fun. Indy is a bit shy with people, but he ain't afraid of other dogs.

Indy and Trag's have a very nice human family. They live just down the road from my house. They have a Mom & a Dad & a little human boy. Soon they will have another little human, but that human puppy keeps trying to be born too soon! So Indy & Trag's family got on a plane and went to a special hospital in the South where they can keep that baby in until he is big enough to come out! Someone is helping take care of the dogs and their house and stuff, but the dogs is very confused and not getting all the exercise they are used to. That's where I come in!
Nothing like a good game of bitey face to burn off some energy and reduce your stress levels!
That's Miss Michelle, Trag and Daisy. Cuz really, did you think we got out of our yard without Daisy? Heck no!! We are gonna send this picture to Trag's humans so they will be able to see that he is okey dokey and fine!

It could be awhile before Trag and Indy's human family is home again so I am gonna have some play dates with them! I love play dates! You can never have too many friends!

Tehya, the bitey face champion babydog!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Rememberance and thank you...

Wooooo Furiends

Today I would like to pay tribute to a dogger I never knew. His name was Hoodoo and he was my brofurr, Earle's littermate. I never knew Hoodoo cuz he lived here long before I was even born and he died very young. In fact he died six years ago today, sort of. He died on February 29, 2004, but there is no February 29 this year! Mom says Hoodoo was a trickster and he probably thinks that's a bit funny! Hoodoo was a happy, healthy dogger. Mom didn't know anything was wrong with him until he had a huge stroke in the middle of the night. Our Dr. Rick couldn't do nothing to save Hoodoo. He was just four and a half years old when he went to the bridge.Handsome, wasn't he? This is the last picture Mom ever got to take of Hoodoo, just a couple days before he had to go.

Hoodoo was my humans very first rescue dog. They got him when he was nine months old. He didn't know his name, how to sit, nothing. All Hoodoo knew was being tied up and ignored. What a sad life for a puppy! I can kinda relate...when I got picked up by the dog cops I was dragging a rope that I chewed right through!

When my humans moved to the Yukon, they brought Hoodoo with them! Hoodoo had a happy life from then on. He was a silly dog, who liked to play tricks, dig holes and run around. He liked to snuggle with Mom and was a better couch dog than a sled dog! He made my Mom laugh all the time. She really misses him even after all these years.

I'm sorry I never got to meet Hoodoo. I am sure we would have been good buddies! But I am glad Hoodoo came here. He showed my humans what good dogs rescued dogs can be! He taught them about how we forgive and try again, don't hold grudges about the bad things that happened to us before and how happy we are to get a chance to have a nice, safe home. A whole lotta dogs, including me, have benefitted from what Hoodoo taught my humans!

Thanks, Hoodoo! You are missed and loved around here!

Soft woooooos

Tehya, the rescued babydog

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Earle is home!

WOoooo Furiends

Thanks for all your woos, prayers and vibes. Earle got to come home on Sunday night. He still wasn't eating, but the vet thought maybe he would be hungrier at home. Earle didn't eat that night, but Monday morning he ate a bit of breakfast. Mainly cuz Founder tried to steal it, but whatever, at least he ate something!
Today he is actually hungry! He ate his breakfast and his whole dinner! He has to eat special foodies, maybe forever, but he seems to like them when he don't feel like puking!

Earle was very happy to home and we were all very excited to see him. We took turns licking his ears and snuggling with him!

Thanks for thinking of us while Earle was so sick. Me, my Mom and alla my packmates really appreciate it!

Tehya, the relieved little sisfur

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Now we need some EAT Earle vibes!

Wooo Furiends

Thank you so very much for all the prayers and vibes for my brofur, Earle. He is getting better. He will stand up now and he is looking happier, but he still won't eat!
Earle has to stay in that kennel at the vet until he eats! The nice vet people have been offering some foodies every few hours, but Earle just sniffs it. Mom tried hand feeding, taking him out for a snack in the parking lot...nothing! That dog just won't eat. That means his tummy is still not right!

Once he eats, he will be allowed to come home! So we need some EAT Earle vibes! We are really missing Earle! He must be getting hungry..he hasn't eaten nothing since Monday night!! I would be freaking out if I hadn't had any food for over five days!

Thanks everyfur!

Tehya, the still worried babydog!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My brofur needs some prayers!!!

WOOOOO Furiends

We got a bit of an emergency around here! My brother, Earle, is really, really sick!

On Monday he was just fine! He even went for a big walk with Mom, Daisy and Hobo! See, he don't look sick there, does he?

Yesterday morning, he puked a couple times and by the evening, he was one sick puppy!Something inside him called a pancreas is all inflammed and it's making him sick! He can't stop puking and he is really hurty!!

Mom took him to the vet his morning and our nice new vet, Dr. McCann, is taking good care of him! Earle is getting fluids through a needle stuck in his paw! Plus he is getting lots of stop-the-hurts medicine and some stuff to make him stop puking! He can't have any food for a couple days. His tummy has to rest! Worst of all, Earle can't come home!! If we are real lucky and everything goes good, he might get to come home for the weekend! Mom took this picture tonight when she went to visit Earle. That little kennel is gonna be Earle's home for a few days! He had just had a bunch of no-hurts medicine so he looks happier than he really is! Mostly he won't even lift his head up right now!

Earle is a real good big brother! He helps me all the time; he is tons of fun and super nice. Everyone loves Earle and he loves everyone. No one ever ever fights with Earle or even gets grouchy with him. We really need Earle to come home and be his happy self again. Our pack just ain't the same with out him!

Worried Woooooos

Monday, January 25, 2010


Wooooooooooooo Furiends

Long time, no wooo! Sorry 'bout that, but I finally have something exciting to paw to y'all!

I finally got to be a sled dog again! We didn't have enough snow to run til last week...My Mom is a bit of a wuss about stopping! She won't get our sled out until there is enough snow for the snowhook thingys to hold us in place. Where's the fun in that!?

Anyhoo we got a bunch o'snow about 10 days ago. Mom tried to take us once before, but it was a giant gong-show and we ended up staying home! Today we finally got out of the yard! Check me out.....I'm LEADING!!!

Yuppers, I am a lead dog now, alla the time. Mom had to give me a refresher on that whole "no chewing on the dog beside you" thing! I can play and run at the same time, but apparently some dogs can't do two things at once! It didn't take me long to remember and then we were zipping down the trail!

I started out beside Sundin not Anvik, but he doesn't really like to lead. Reggae wouldn't let Mom catch him today; he gets like that sometimes! So Mom and Sundin made a deal that he would lead half-way and then Mom would put him in swing. Swing is the spot right behind the leaders. She just wanted to make sure we got down the trail smoothly to start! Sundin is a real good leader; he knows all the commands and everything, but he just don't like it up there. Anvik pretty much likes to run anywhere. He don't care about position; he just likes to run and most especially he like it when Mom says "GOOD BOY, ANVIK"...that suck up will do anything for Mom!

I love to lead! It's awesome fun being up front!

It's a full moon this week. We like going sledding in the moonlight! I should get to be a sled dog again right soon.


Tehya the tired and happy sled dog!