Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hey, it's winter!


Just a few days ago, it looked like this on our road!

It was nice and sunny and full of pretty colors.

Now it looks like this in our yard!

Winter came back early!!

We got SIX inches of snow yesterday!

Us husky doggers are pretty happy about this, except Sleet the Ancient, who is disgusted!

Mom is not so happy!

She still has a whole bunch of stuff she was supposed to do before winter!

Guess she will be doing her chores in her winter gear now!


Tehya, the snow lovin' babydog!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cranberry Picking Fun

WOOOOOO Furiends
A couple weeks ago, me and my Mom went cranberry picking. We go every fall and Mom uses the berries to make all sorts of yummy stuff. I sampled a cranberry muffin and it was delicious!

These are what we were looking for, low bush cranberries. They grow on the ground in the forest near my house. This year was a good cranberry year; we had lots of rain and just enough hot weather for the berries! We didn't have any trouble finding berries this year. There were tons of them!

I was supposed to be on bear alert. Bears really really really really like cranberries!!! But there was so much fun stuff to do in the forest, like chasing squirrels!

And rolling in stinky stuff! I think it was old bear poop! Mom says I am useless as a bear dog!

I guess that's why Daisy got to come. She is a good bear alert dog. She likes to stay close to Mom and watch everything. Fortunately, no bears came to our cranberry patches that day! Daisy only barked at a labby dog who came running by with her human! Mom didn't really need protecting from a lab dog, but Daisy is good at letting Mom know something is coming!

I am good at enjoying myself in the trees! HaROOOOOO


Tehya, the fun babydog!