Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yet Again!

Sorta Sleepy Woooos Furiends

I fell for that silly car ride trick again today! Again I ended up at the vet getting my butt fixed up. My butt is getting worse instead of better! One of my anal glands(whatever those are) ruptured!!!

I gotta take more pills for a week and then go back to the vet again! We'll have to do this whole mess all over again!

Except that my Dad will be tricking me! Cuz not only is my Mom mean for tricking me week after week, but she is leaving me for ten days! With only Dad to take care me! Booo Hiissssss wwoooooo, Mom is mean!

Mom is going to some football game thingy with her Dad. I'm sure it will be on TV so I don't see why she couldn't stay with me!!

Tehya the tricked and abandoned!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tricked Again!

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Furiends

I fell for my Mom's tricks again today. You'd think that a dog as smart as me would avoid being tricked by now! But I fall for that car ride trick every time. I should know by now that no good comes from a car ride on a Wednesday morning. Nope, those only lead one place, that horrible place, the vet clinic! Where there is no one to play with, you get poked and prodded, given sleepy medicine and spend the day in a little kennel.

Now I am so sleepy I can't hardly even stand up! All I want to do is sleep in front of the woodstove.

Oh, yah, I had to go to the vet cuz I got some butt troubles again! I hate having my tail touched so the vet, Dr. Helen today, gave me some sleepy medicine. That way I don't want to bite her and I suppose my butt will feel better tomorrow.

I got a bunch of pills and medicines to take for a week too.

Then I gotta go back to see Dr. Helen, get the sleepy medicine again and spend another day at the vet clinic!!
Butt troubles ain't no fun and my Mom is mean for trickin' me!!

Sleepy wooooos
Tehya the sleepy babydog

Monday, November 2, 2009

Snow, Glorious Snow

Woooooo Furiends

We got a big bunch of snow this weekend!

Such fun stuff that snow!I had lots of fun playing in it! It's here to stay now! There's enough to ski even! Mom says we will go skijoring soon! There isnt quite enough to stop the dogger team so that will be a bit longer!

Me and Reggae spent the afternoon wrassling. You'd never know he is over 10 years old! He is a good wrassler!

We are happy huskies! Winter Rocks!!!!


Tehya the snowdog!