Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

Today is my birthday. Well, it's the day we picked to be my birthday. No one knows for sure when I was born, but it was sometime in September two years ago! September 29 is a sad day for my Mom's family so she thought it would be nice to have something fun to celebrate on this day! So it's my birthday!

Here's a picture from when I was truly a babydog. I was six months old in this one and I had just arrived at my new home!

See I love Anvik right from the start!

And this is me now! I was hanging out on the couch yesterday supervising my Mom while she cleaned! I'm a good helper that way!

Mom is making me post this picture...she says it's a rare moment when I am still!

And this is me all grown up! I'm not a babydog anymore, but Mom says I will always be her Babydog!

Moose bones for everyone!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Thanks Jack and Star


My buddies, Jack and Star, the Cyber-Sibes, gave me this award!

Wasn't that nice of them!! Now I haffta think of some other blogs to nominate!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Walkies with my Mom

Wooooooo Furiends

Tonight I went for walkies with my Mom and a few of my furiends.

Unlike some of the other dogs here, I am allowed off leash. Lots of huskies just run away if they get loose. My border collie side keeps me a little closer to my humans. Although, Mom does see alot of my tail when we got for off-leash walkies!

My pen-mates, Chum and Pacer, came along tonight. We stay in a pen together when Mom isn't home to supervise us. Most of us doggers get along, but 25 dogs unsupervised and loose together, well, that's a bad idea! Chum lives with me because he's a bit of a troublemaker. He doesn't mean to start trouble, he just does! He's very talky and not all the dogs understand what he's saying! I get him though!

We like to wrassle! Don't worry, we aren't fighting. We just like to play rough!!

My friend, Pacer came for a walk too. Before me Pacer didn't have any friends. The other dogs beat him up a few times...once so bad that Dr. Candace wasn't sure Pacer would live! But he did and now he has me to play with and he's much happier!

Oh, yeah, Daisy came too. I guess I should explain about Daisy. Daisy is NOT our dog; she doesn't actually live here, but don't tell her that. She thinks she does live here. She comes over every day! We almost never go for a walk without Daisy tagging along. She actually belongs to someone who lives in our area. He's not mean to her, but he doesn't seem to pay very much attention to her! So she comes here to play and stuff. My Mom loves her like she really did live here!

We didn't go anywhere too exciting tonight. Just to my lake. Oh, Mom says it's not really my lake, but I think it is! I go there alot!
I like to swim. The water is getting a bit cold now though!

We did find some stinky stuff to roll in on our way home. Mom was thrilled!

Mom doesn't have to work for a couple days. Maybe we will do something exciting on the weekend!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Sheesh, I'm almost two and my human just let me get a blog.

Oh, I should introduce myself before I start ranting!

My name is Tehya, that means precious in Cherokee...cuz I am precious! I am a border collie-husky mix. I'm little, smart, always on the go and always up for an adventure! I'm also a sled dog, but I get to sleep on the couch too! My human doesn't think sled dogs have to be chained up and outside to be working dogs! We aren't a race team, we just run around for fun! I'm learning to be a lead dog. Mom says I'll be great when my brain turns on...whatever that means!

I have lots of doggie friends. My best buddy is Anvik. That's him in the picture. I like to chew on him and he likes to be chewed on! There are 25 of us here. We mostly get along(why is Mom knocking on that piece of wood?). I am the Babydog. I will be two this month. I'm at least four years younger than everyone else here. We even have a couple dogs who are pushing 15!!!

We are almost all rescued dogs or rehomed. Some of us weren't in any danger in our first homes, we just couldn't stay there! I was running around, minding my own business one day in February 2007, when some dude from Animal Control caught me and put me in a cage. My owners wouldn't post my bail and I was just about to be sent to the Bridge when my Mom's friend, Deb, rescued me. She saves Border Collies. I'm not quite border collie enough or quite husky enough for a breed rescue. So she called my Mom. Cuz my Mom is a sucker!! Yup, she's a sucker!

It took a few days to convince her adopting a six month old girl dog was a good idea, but 18 months later we both agree it was one of the best ideas she ever had!

I hope you will enjoy my adventures. I hope my human remembers to let me type again soon!

Tehya the Babydog