Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My kitty brofurr need purrs and wooos

Woooooooooooooo Furiends

I gotta really hurty brofurr.  My kitty brofurr, Boots, has been at the vet for two nights.  He don't get to come home until Friday night at the earliest. 

A couple days ago, there was a cat fight in the night.  Those cats don't get along so good sometimes.  They don't hurt each other though, mostly they just hiss and spit!  Mom yells KNOCK IT OFF and everyone behaves for awhile.  Mom thought that's all it was, just the cats talking trash to each other. 

But this time a kitty got hurt!  We ain't 'xactly sure what happened, but Mom and Dr. Candace think that those hissing cats scared one of us doggers who was asleep at the time.  That dogger got scared and sorta know how us dogs do sometimes when we are startled. 

Boots' head was in the way of that snap!  He gots a broken bone in his face and it's making it real hard for him to breath and eat!  His face is all swelled up and he's super hurty.  Our vet is taking real good care of him and he's getting better, but he still needs all the purrs and woos and prayers and whatever good stuff you got! 
This is Boots. He's about the nicest cat anyone ever met.  He is full of purrs and headbonks.  He is every one's friend!  We really want him to come home and be happy and healthy again! 

It wasn't me for sure, but I know that none of us meant to hurt Boots. We all know that we ain't allowed to bug the cats; the house is kitty territory!  It was just a terrible accident.  Mom is making some changes to try and make sure this don't happen again. Right now we just need Bootsie Wootsie Woo Woo to get better and come home! 

Please cross your paws for my brofurr

Tehya, cat lovin' baby dog!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Delta Day!


Mom says today is St. Patrick's Day, but that's not what we celebrate at my house.  We celebrate Delta Day!

Delta is my brofur. He is super shy.  He likes other dogs, but he don't like people much!  Weird!   He's not mean or bitey to people.  He's just very timid and tries to avoid them.  Mom says Delta had a very bad puppyhood and he never learned that people can be nice.  It's real hard to learn that when you are a grown up dog! 

One day six years ago, Delta got out of our yard somehow.  I wasn't even born yet, but I have heard the story.  My Mom and Dad searched and searched for him.  They put up posters everywhere...over 300 of them!  They took out ads in the newspaper and every day they walked and drove around calling for Delta.  It was a terrible time for my parents.  They were so worried about Delta! 

Then one day a man called and said that he thought Delta was hanging around with his dog.  Mom drove out to his house right away. He lived over 50 kilometres from our house!  A very long way for a dogger to run by themselves!  Sure enough it was Delta!  It took Mom a couple more days to catch him.  Delta is hard to catch at home and after being on his own for so long, he was pretty much a wild dog!!!!

Delta was gone for a whole MONTH!!  A MONTH!!!  I can't imagine being away from my Mom for that long with no foodies and no warm house to sleep in!  There's wolves, moose, and cars and all sorts of things out there that could have hurt Delta!  It's a miracle that he survived! 
March 17 is the day my Mom finally caught Delta and put him in her truck and drove him home! 
Happy Delta Day everyone!
Moose Bones for All!!!

Tehya, the staying close to home babydog!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Tehya Day!


Happy Tehya Day! 
Actually Happy Belated Tehya Day!  I was too busy celebrating to post anything!
Five years ago on March 5, I came to live at Wandering Spirits Kennels!  I was all little and puny, but I was full of energy and ready to make new friends! 
Five whole years!!!  Time flies when you are having fun and I've been having fun since I got here. 
I celebrated by running around, chewing on bones, wrassling and giving Anvik's head a little chew!  He loves that!

Happy Tehya Day!

Tehya the celebrating babydog

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I got abandoned!!!

Woooo Furiends!!

I got abandoned again!!!
My humans went on holidays and they left me at home!!! My friends, Mike and Buddy, took turns taking care of me and all of the others, but still!! Why didn't I get to go on vacation too!!??

My humans went to Roatan, Honduras. 

Doesn't it look nice there? 
Mom says it was smoking hot every day! 
They went snorkelling lots and saw so many fishies!  They did other stuff too, like fishing and swimming and making some new friends.  Those all sound like things I would like to do!  They should take me on their next vacation!
 Mom finds dogs everywhere she goes! If she took me, she wouldn't be lonely and she wouldn't have to make new doggy friends!  Although, that puppy is pretty cute! 
My 'rents had fun in the Caribbean.  Mom says it was a lovely vacation.  Fortunately we were all good for the dogsitters.  Dr. Candace came out once to check on Hobo, but there was nothing too serious wrong with him.  He's just super old and was missing Mom!

Maybe me and Hobo should go on the next vacation! 

Tehya, the briefly abandoned babydog!