Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Rememberance and thank you...

Wooooo Furiends

Today I would like to pay tribute to a dogger I never knew. His name was Hoodoo and he was my brofurr, Earle's littermate. I never knew Hoodoo cuz he lived here long before I was even born and he died very young. In fact he died six years ago today, sort of. He died on February 29, 2004, but there is no February 29 this year! Mom says Hoodoo was a trickster and he probably thinks that's a bit funny! Hoodoo was a happy, healthy dogger. Mom didn't know anything was wrong with him until he had a huge stroke in the middle of the night. Our Dr. Rick couldn't do nothing to save Hoodoo. He was just four and a half years old when he went to the bridge.Handsome, wasn't he? This is the last picture Mom ever got to take of Hoodoo, just a couple days before he had to go.

Hoodoo was my humans very first rescue dog. They got him when he was nine months old. He didn't know his name, how to sit, nothing. All Hoodoo knew was being tied up and ignored. What a sad life for a puppy! I can kinda relate...when I got picked up by the dog cops I was dragging a rope that I chewed right through!

When my humans moved to the Yukon, they brought Hoodoo with them! Hoodoo had a happy life from then on. He was a silly dog, who liked to play tricks, dig holes and run around. He liked to snuggle with Mom and was a better couch dog than a sled dog! He made my Mom laugh all the time. She really misses him even after all these years.

I'm sorry I never got to meet Hoodoo. I am sure we would have been good buddies! But I am glad Hoodoo came here. He showed my humans what good dogs rescued dogs can be! He taught them about how we forgive and try again, don't hold grudges about the bad things that happened to us before and how happy we are to get a chance to have a nice, safe home. A whole lotta dogs, including me, have benefitted from what Hoodoo taught my humans!

Thanks, Hoodoo! You are missed and loved around here!

Soft woooooos

Tehya, the rescued babydog

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Earle is home!

WOoooo Furiends

Thanks for all your woos, prayers and vibes. Earle got to come home on Sunday night. He still wasn't eating, but the vet thought maybe he would be hungrier at home. Earle didn't eat that night, but Monday morning he ate a bit of breakfast. Mainly cuz Founder tried to steal it, but whatever, at least he ate something!
Today he is actually hungry! He ate his breakfast and his whole dinner! He has to eat special foodies, maybe forever, but he seems to like them when he don't feel like puking!

Earle was very happy to home and we were all very excited to see him. We took turns licking his ears and snuggling with him!

Thanks for thinking of us while Earle was so sick. Me, my Mom and alla my packmates really appreciate it!

Tehya, the relieved little sisfur

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Now we need some EAT Earle vibes!

Wooo Furiends

Thank you so very much for all the prayers and vibes for my brofur, Earle. He is getting better. He will stand up now and he is looking happier, but he still won't eat!
Earle has to stay in that kennel at the vet until he eats! The nice vet people have been offering some foodies every few hours, but Earle just sniffs it. Mom tried hand feeding, taking him out for a snack in the parking lot...nothing! That dog just won't eat. That means his tummy is still not right!

Once he eats, he will be allowed to come home! So we need some EAT Earle vibes! We are really missing Earle! He must be getting hungry..he hasn't eaten nothing since Monday night!! I would be freaking out if I hadn't had any food for over five days!

Thanks everyfur!

Tehya, the still worried babydog!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My brofur needs some prayers!!!

WOOOOO Furiends

We got a bit of an emergency around here! My brother, Earle, is really, really sick!

On Monday he was just fine! He even went for a big walk with Mom, Daisy and Hobo! See, he don't look sick there, does he?

Yesterday morning, he puked a couple times and by the evening, he was one sick puppy!Something inside him called a pancreas is all inflammed and it's making him sick! He can't stop puking and he is really hurty!!

Mom took him to the vet his morning and our nice new vet, Dr. McCann, is taking good care of him! Earle is getting fluids through a needle stuck in his paw! Plus he is getting lots of stop-the-hurts medicine and some stuff to make him stop puking! He can't have any food for a couple days. His tummy has to rest! Worst of all, Earle can't come home!! If we are real lucky and everything goes good, he might get to come home for the weekend! Mom took this picture tonight when she went to visit Earle. That little kennel is gonna be Earle's home for a few days! He had just had a bunch of no-hurts medicine so he looks happier than he really is! Mostly he won't even lift his head up right now!

Earle is a real good big brother! He helps me all the time; he is tons of fun and super nice. Everyone loves Earle and he loves everyone. No one ever ever fights with Earle or even gets grouchy with him. We really need Earle to come home and be his happy self again. Our pack just ain't the same with out him!

Worried Woooooos