Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Woooo Furiends

Look!!! Daisy has a twin!

That's Daisy in front and her twin, Ruffy, behind her. They even have the same little hitch in their git-along! They gotta be twins!


Tehya, the one of a kind babydog!

PS: Ruffy does not live here or with Daisy. He lives with my Mom's very good friend, Miss Michelle. She saved him from a very bad life! Now Ruffy has a really nice home with Miss Michelle and is a very much loved dogger, like we all should be!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Partyin' Babydog

WOOOOO furiends

Last night we had a big party at my house. One of my human friends was turning old! Oh I mean 40 which my Mom says ain't old in human years!
A buncha people came over; Mom made a bunch of treats and foodies, even cake! She was worried that someone would feed Earle some human food though and that might make him sick again. So we made a sign that said don't feed the dogs human foodies. Then she put out some yummy doggie treats that we are all allowed to even us doggers got to have treats and snacks!

Best of all, we had a live band!!! Some of my pack didn't like all that noise, but I thought it was fun! I was right in the middle of favorite place to be!

Tired wooooooooooooooos

Tehya the party animal babydog!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A happy post...Making new Furiends

Wooooooooooooo Furiends
Yeserday was a bit of a bummer post, but today I have much happier things to talk about. This morning, I got to make two new furiends. My Mom and her friend, Miss Michelle, introduced me to two doggers, Trag and Indy!

This is Trag. He is an older fella and he don't put up with any hooliganism! He did try to wrassle with me a little bit, but mostly he just stayed on his leash and hung out with humans.
This is Indy. He's just a youngster like me! Our walk was really more for Indy's benefit than Trag's. Indy needed to burn off some energy! We had lots of fun. Indy is a bit shy with people, but he ain't afraid of other dogs.

Indy and Trag's have a very nice human family. They live just down the road from my house. They have a Mom & a Dad & a little human boy. Soon they will have another little human, but that human puppy keeps trying to be born too soon! So Indy & Trag's family got on a plane and went to a special hospital in the South where they can keep that baby in until he is big enough to come out! Someone is helping take care of the dogs and their house and stuff, but the dogs is very confused and not getting all the exercise they are used to. That's where I come in!
Nothing like a good game of bitey face to burn off some energy and reduce your stress levels!
That's Miss Michelle, Trag and Daisy. Cuz really, did you think we got out of our yard without Daisy? Heck no!! We are gonna send this picture to Trag's humans so they will be able to see that he is okey dokey and fine!

It could be awhile before Trag and Indy's human family is home again so I am gonna have some play dates with them! I love play dates! You can never have too many friends!

Tehya, the bitey face champion babydog!