Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays...

Woooo Furiends

We hope you all had a very happy holiday time. I had a lot of fun! We had a visitor for a few days, my Dad's step-mom.

Christmas Eve me and my teammates took her for a sled ride! I'm in the middle of that team, but you can't see me behind Reggae's big ol' head!

We each got a stocking in the window!

And Christmas morning there was a rawhide candy cane in our stockings! Santa Paws musta brought them!

My Grandma sent us a bunch of treats and toys. Mom had to rescue the box of doggy biscuits from that cat, Pete. Silly cat, those aren't for you!

it was all a little much for Pacer, but I was right in the middle of everything. That's where i like to be!

We hope you had a Merry Christmas and that 2009 brings you only good things!

Tehya and furmily!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stormy come home!

Wooos everyfur

This is my cyber-furiend, Stormy. She lives in Peyton, Colorodo, but like us huskies are prone to do, she has escaped from her house!

Stormy has been missing for a month! She needs to get her furry butt home and I bet she needs some help to find her way. I didn't live here when my brother, Delta, disappeared, but I know my Mom was very glad that people helped him find his way home. I am sure Stormy's Mom would be very glad for any information about where her girly might be!

This is Stormy's family's blog...if you live in Colorodo and you might know where Stormy is hiding....let her family know!

Come home, Stormy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dashing through the snow..

Wooo furiends

We finally got to go running today. Mom was a bit nervous so we only took a baby team, just four dogs, but it was still fun!

That's Reggae and Anvik up front and then me and Pacer! Reggae did really good! He didn't know our trail at all so Mom had to give him a couple commands twice, but he got us all by 3 loose dogs with no troubles. Mom says she can teach the direction commands easy peasy, but that "on-by" command is hard to teach! I think it's gonna be hard to learn too; I would have liked to stop and play with those dogs! I gotta get my working brain back on!

We went in the late afternoon and it gets dark early here! On the way home, Mom had to put our flashy collars on. They have little red lights in them. They don't really help us to see where we are going, but they help other trail users see that we are coming! This is 'specially important if a snowmachine is coming! We don't want to crash with one of them!

Mom says we will go running again on Monday. She's not nervous anymore so we will take six dogs and go a bit farther!

Tehya the BabyDog SledDog!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cross your paws...

My Dad just left with Reggae in the van! He is going to get neutered today--Reggae, not my Dad!

Hopefully it won't take Reggae too long to get back to his happy self. I like wrassling with him! Plus it is snowing like crazy! There is enough snow to get the sled out so we need our leader dog back!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Learning to Skijor...

Woooo furiends

Today I learned to do something new. I went skijoring with my Mom! It was fun!

It took me a few minutes to figure out that I wasn't supposed to run off into the trees and stuff! Mom went "TEHYA NO" a few times, but we never crashed!

But I figured it out and we were zipping down the trail! We went on the lake too. There were lots of trails there to practice on and no trees for Mom to crash into!

I even made a new friend. Mom gave me free run around time cuz I was being such a good girl. This chocolate lab named Coco was on the lake. We had a good game of chase and bitey face. I never played with a lab dog before so I didn't know that they liked to play bitey face too!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

My brofurs are in trouble....


My brofurs are in trouble! My brofurs are in trouble!! Mom says I"m her bestest girl! My brofurs are in trouble!!

Reggae and Pacer got in a little scuffle this afternoon. Fortunately, my Dad was home and he got them apart before anything too terrible happened! (Dad says it's *&^%$$ hard to break up a fight with one hand!) Pacer had to go to the vet cuz he had a few holes in him! None of them are very big, but those little holes can cause big trouble! Especially cuz Pacer has one in his neck! It is very close to some important vein! If that got ripped open and my Dad wasn't home, Pacer mighta died! Oh, that would have been terrible!

Reggae is in big trouble! He's in the little pen all by himself for the rest of the day! Mom told him "you're gonna loose your nuts for this one". I don't know what that means, but I'm thinking Reggae is going to the vet soon!

Chum is in our usual pen all by himself too. He wasn't fighting but he was cheering them on and trying to get in himself! Dummy!!! My brothers are in trouble!

I was not involved in the fighting at all. I was totally freaked out! I hate fighting! Hate it!!Usually us girls like to jump in there if we haven't started the whole problem, but I just can't stand it when there are fights! When Dad came out, I went racing right by him to the house!

Did you know that when you don't get involved in the fight you get extra treats and lovin'?!! So far today I've had a Dentabone and a giant rawhide! I got special treats on my dinner! Plus I got to hang out with Dad in the house and the humans keep telling me what a good, good girl I am!

My brofurs are in trouble. I'm in the house! Nah, Nah, Nah boo, booo!

Tehya, the BESTEST girl!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Momma and her son intro...

We got a few dogs here who share some bloodlines. Like Pingo and her son Sundin.

This is Pingo. She is well, she's quirky. She has some very much weird habits, like rolling around and showing off her belly! She was a leader dog for many years. Mom got her when she was almost six years old. Now she is almost 12 and her hips are getting hurty so she is retired now. We think she likes being retired! She sure does like the couch! Pingo was a good leader but she liked to pick her own trails. She didn't always listen when Mom said which way to go, but she always got us home. Mom says Pingo has "trail sense". That means that if she refuses to go down a certain trail, there is probably a reason, like a moose or something. Maybe I can learn that trick!

This is Pingo's son, Sundin. Pingo got spayed as soon as she got here, but she had a litter of puppies before that! Sundin is about 8 years old. He's lived here for three years. He is totally shy of everything except running. He likes being a sled dog. He has done races all over the place, not with our team, but where he used to live. Mom just figured out that Sundin doesn't really like leading. He'll get us home, but he ain't happy about it! He likes to run in "swing", right behind the leader dogs.

Sundin recently realized that my Mom isn't a evil human. This summer he started letting Mom pet him whenever she wanted to. He didn't run and hide in his house or bark at her while running away. A couple nights ago he even hit her hand with his snooter and asked for some lovin'! He's never done that before! We like seeing them shy dogs learn ot relax.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A few more intros...

Woooo Everyone

I got a bit distracted with the arrival of my new brofurr, but now it's time to get back to the pack intros!

This is Ozzy. You already met his littermate, Mac. Mom calls Ozzy a troublemaker. He's very yappy and active. Sometimes he starts a big ruckus in the yard! Usually that means he needs some exercise. A tired Ozzy is a good Ozzy. He's very shy with people he doesn't know, but he loves Mom. Ozzy is a good sled dog, but he gets really skinny! Mom had a buncha tests run on him last year to make sure he wasn't sick. He ain't, he just burns alot of calories. Ozzy gets special high calorie food and lots of it. He eats more than Heyoka and he only weighs 40 pounds!

This is Earle. He is one of only two dogs here who ain't never lived anywhere else. Earle has been with Mom and Dad since he was a little puppy! He's a very, very nice boy. When a new one arrives here, they almost always meet Earle first. He likes all dogs! He likes kids, he likes big humans and cats and everyone. Earle is just plain ol' nice! Earle has some health troubles. His thyroid is all wonky and he has to take pills twice a day, plus he has a special diet cuz he has chronic pancreatitis too! He can't have any fatty, yummy treats or he pukes and pukes and pukes! He takes happy pills too! Earle is a bit of a worrier, especially when our routine gets changed even a little bit. When he worries, he rips his fur out. Now he is on Clomicalm and he doesn't do that anymore!

Last one for today, this is Bandit. Bandit is one of our seniors. I think he's the oldest boy dog in the pack. He will be twelve next month. Bandit is a cranky old man dog, but Mom says he's always been that way! He likes to guard his treasures all day. He has lots of weird treasure things, like Dad's work gloves! Bandit used to live next door to us, but he ran away from them all the time. One day, Mom just didnt' take him home. His people knew where he was and if they wanted him back, they coulda come over! But they didn't and a couple weeks later, Mom came home and found a bag of Bandit's stuff hanging on our door! They even dropped off his AKC one else here has those! Now very nice people in Bandit's old house and Bandit lives here forever!

More intros later this weeek!


Monday, November 10, 2008

I like him!

Yesterday I got to meet my new brofurr nose to nose

See how smart he is, putting his head down. It's like he knows that I am the boss of him! I can be a bit bossy, so I've been told!

I like him!

I like him alot!

Reggae likes me too. He likes to play bitey face and wrasslin' and when we played chase he let me be the chaser. I do love that game, but I hate being chased! Like I said, I can be a bit bossy!

Thanks for the new brofurr, Mom. I think this is gonna work out just fine!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I got a new brofurr!!!

WOOOOO Everyfur

Yesterday my Mom left very early, which is weird cuz it was Saturday and she usually stays home on the weekends. She went to see her friend, Trish, where Sleet and Paxil used to live. She came home with this:

His name is Reggae! Mom says he's our new lead dog and my new brofurr!! He's 9 years old, but he acts like a young dog! He's very healthy and seems pretty happy. Trish is nice to her dogs so it's not like he's been hit or anything mean. He just didn't fit in with her other dogs anymore cuz they are really fast and run really far. Our Mom is a more laid back musher. We usually only take six or eight dogs at a time and we don't go more than about 20 miles most days. Mom doesn't race so it don't matter how fast we go either. So Reggae should be a good fit for our team!

Mom says he is gonna help train me. So when he has to retire, hopefully not for a couple years, I will be ready to take over! That sounds good to me.

I've only sniffed him through the fence. He seems nice enough! Mom says he's a bit shy, but not like Delta kinda shy, just a bit nervous. Can't blame him for that. After all he is in a new place and it's kinda crazy here! Mom says today she's gonna let Reggae in my pen so we can get to know each other!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My new digs....

Wooooooo furiends

I'm gonna take a break from the pack intros for this post so I can show you my new digs! I got a new pen yesterday! When my humans aren't home to supervise, we get split up into smaller groups. Mom says there is less chance of a giant bill from Dr. Rick that way! My group is Pacer and Chum and me and sometimes Franklin or Paxil or Anvik. We had a nice little pen with our toys and bones. It was a good size. We had enough room to run and play. But my Dad got it in his head that we needed a bigger pen and that the last piece of our land needed to be fenced. There was about half an acre that wasn't fenced off yet! Now that is my pen!

It's totally awesome!

We have hills and willows and trees and all sorts of stuff to run around! My Dad stores some of his junk out there too. He has alot of junk!

We have lots of room to play Husky WWF now! WOOOO HOOOO!

Chum can run, but he can't hide! I will chew on him!

My Mom would like me to tell any humans reading this that if you decide to build a fence, you should do it before the ground freezes and there is a foot of snow on the ground! I learned some interesting new words from her and Dad on Sunday afternoon!


Friday, October 31, 2008

Birthday Intros...

Since it's their 7th birthday, I thought it was a good time to introduce y'all to my brofurs, Delta and Antare!

This is Antare. He's bit of yappy boy. He's always barking and wooing and running around! He likes to lead our group howl sessions. He's very shy, but he likes other dogs and he likes to pull the sled. He doesn't act all chickeny when he sees his harness!

This is Delta or Delta the Digger Dog as my Mom calls him. He doesn't dig any more than the rest of us, but my Mom is weird! Delta is UBER-shy. He doesn't let anyone pet him. Him and Mom have a big routine they go through when she wants to pet him or bring him inside or something. A couple years ago, Delta got out of our yard somehow and he was gone for a whole month. He was very far from home when Mom found him and she had a hard time catching him!

Delta and Antare had a bad start in their lives. They were very neglected puppies. They probably wouldn't be so shy if they had a better puppyhood. They spent a long time in the shelter too before my Mom got them. Mom got them when this other dog who was a foster here almost killed one of Mom's forever dogs, my sisfur Kayleigh. Hmmm....does that make any sense???? That mean dog had to go back to the shelter and Mom was so distraught that somehow she managed to drop off one dog and bring home two! That other dog got adopted too a couple weeks later to a perfect for her home! So it all worked out in the end.

Happy Halloween Birthday, Delta and Antare!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some of my packmates...

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo everyfur

Y'all already met my buddy, Pacer. I thought I'd introduce a couple more of my packmates. It could take awhile to meet all of us! We are a pretty big group!

This is my good friend, Chum! Me and Chum and Pacer hang out together in our pen when Mom isn't home. Chum is a bit of a doofus! Mom says he missed something in his puppyhood and other dogs don't always get Chum! I totally get him! I also chase and chew on him! He usually wears a collar, but I chewed it off him and into a million bits!

This is Mac. Mac is very shy, but he likes me. Everyone likes me and if they don't I will win them over! Mac got in a big bunch of trouble last winter and he ain't allowed to run loose ever again, except in our fenced yard! He can still be a sled dog though. He's really a good boy and lotssa fun. He just had a big ol' brain fart that one day!

This is Pirate. She's about a million years old! Oh, Mom says she's only 15! She's only been here for about 8 months. She's had a buncha homes in her life. The last one was with some people my Mom knows, or used to know rather. When Pirate started getting sick and hurty, as old dogs will do, those people took her back to the shelter instead of to the vet. Mom got her outta the shelter place and to our nice Dr. Rick right away. Pirate does have a whole bunch of medical troubles, like athritis and peeing trouble know old dog stuff! She takes a bunch of medicine every day and does just fine! Mom says Pirate might not be here for very long, but she's gonna be comfy, dry and loved while she is here! Pirate has taught me not to be a hooligan all the time! I gotta respect my elders!!

And this is my malamute brofur, Heyoka. He's a doofus! Me and Heyoka had a rough start together. The first whole day I lived here, I tried to drink out of his water bowl and he chomped my head! Mom was less than thrilled about that! Dr. Rick was very worried about me cuz I had a break in my head bone, but him and Mom took good care of me and it healed up just fine. I do got a little dent in the top of my head to remind me not to steal Heyoka's water! Me and Heyoka weren't allowed near each other for over a year, but we got re-introduced this fall and now we get along. We ain't exactly BFF's, but we're ok!

That's all for tonight. I'm going to snuggle with my humans for a while before bed. I'll introduce the rest of the pack soon!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Playin' with Pacer

Wooo Furiends

We are having a fun day playing in the snow! Yup, snow and it ain't melting!

Some of my packmates are just being lazy and lounging around!

But being lazy just ain't in my nature! I've always got things to do, places to go, dogs to play with!

Like my buddy, Pacer! He's one of my favorite chew toys, wrasslin' partners, all that fun stuff!

Before me, Pacer didn't have anyone to play with! He's kinda shy and the dogs were just bullies to him! Good thing I got here before he was too old to play! He's like 8, but he still likes to wrassle with me!

See we are happy friends!

I gotta go back outside now. I haven't chewed on Pacer for at least half an hour!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Dude, that's my dinner!

WOOOO furiends,

Today a nice human friend of my Mom's gave her some caribou bones. His dogger, my buddy Cobber, couldn't eat that many bones, but all of us can make quick work of them! So I'm in my pen, chewing my bone, minding my own business, when I noticed someone else was minding my business!

An Eagle was watching me! He wanted my caribou snacks! Sorry, dude, that's my dinner, get your own!!!

Mom did make all our cats go in the house. They have a fenced in kitty run where they can safely play. Safe from huskies and foxes and stuff like that, but Mom wasn't so sure it was safe from eagles. The kitties can't go back out there til the eagle finds somewhere else to hang out! They are pretty happy by the woodstove anyway!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How I celebrated my Birthday

WOOOO WOOO Furiends.....

I had a very good birthday. Thanks so much for all your nice comments. Mom gave us all moose bones to chew on. I got a new stuffy and some tennis balls. Pingo stole the tennis ball, but whatever, she likes them more than me anyway!

But my best birthday present came from Mother Nature!

She gave me SNOW!!!!

What could be better than running around with your buddies in the snow?

This snow didn't stay for too long, just a day or so, but more will coming very soon!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

Today is my birthday. Well, it's the day we picked to be my birthday. No one knows for sure when I was born, but it was sometime in September two years ago! September 29 is a sad day for my Mom's family so she thought it would be nice to have something fun to celebrate on this day! So it's my birthday!

Here's a picture from when I was truly a babydog. I was six months old in this one and I had just arrived at my new home!

See I love Anvik right from the start!

And this is me now! I was hanging out on the couch yesterday supervising my Mom while she cleaned! I'm a good helper that way!

Mom is making me post this picture...she says it's a rare moment when I am still!

And this is me all grown up! I'm not a babydog anymore, but Mom says I will always be her Babydog!

Moose bones for everyone!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Thanks Jack and Star


My buddies, Jack and Star, the Cyber-Sibes, gave me this award!

Wasn't that nice of them!! Now I haffta think of some other blogs to nominate!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Walkies with my Mom

Wooooooo Furiends

Tonight I went for walkies with my Mom and a few of my furiends.

Unlike some of the other dogs here, I am allowed off leash. Lots of huskies just run away if they get loose. My border collie side keeps me a little closer to my humans. Although, Mom does see alot of my tail when we got for off-leash walkies!

My pen-mates, Chum and Pacer, came along tonight. We stay in a pen together when Mom isn't home to supervise us. Most of us doggers get along, but 25 dogs unsupervised and loose together, well, that's a bad idea! Chum lives with me because he's a bit of a troublemaker. He doesn't mean to start trouble, he just does! He's very talky and not all the dogs understand what he's saying! I get him though!

We like to wrassle! Don't worry, we aren't fighting. We just like to play rough!!

My friend, Pacer came for a walk too. Before me Pacer didn't have any friends. The other dogs beat him up a few times...once so bad that Dr. Candace wasn't sure Pacer would live! But he did and now he has me to play with and he's much happier!

Oh, yeah, Daisy came too. I guess I should explain about Daisy. Daisy is NOT our dog; she doesn't actually live here, but don't tell her that. She thinks she does live here. She comes over every day! We almost never go for a walk without Daisy tagging along. She actually belongs to someone who lives in our area. He's not mean to her, but he doesn't seem to pay very much attention to her! So she comes here to play and stuff. My Mom loves her like she really did live here!

We didn't go anywhere too exciting tonight. Just to my lake. Oh, Mom says it's not really my lake, but I think it is! I go there alot!
I like to swim. The water is getting a bit cold now though!

We did find some stinky stuff to roll in on our way home. Mom was thrilled!

Mom doesn't have to work for a couple days. Maybe we will do something exciting on the weekend!