Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh, my poor brofurr!

Wooo Furiends

Oh, my! My brofurr, Ozzy, is a very hurty boy tonight. Last week, there was a little scuffle in the yard. Mom thought that none of us got hurt--well, I didn't cuz I don't fight and I was in a different pen at the time!! Ozzy was yelping and holding his paw up. A week later he was still not walking right! So Mom took him to the vet and they took some pictures of his bones and checked him out! Today Ozzy had surgery cuz he BROKE his shoulder bone!! Broke it!! Snapped two pieces right off!! Oh, ouch, ouch, wonder he was limping!

Ozzy hassa stay in his crate most of the day for the next few days and then he can't wrassle for a couple weeks. His vet lady thinks he will heal up ok, but she said that this is a weird hurty so Ozzy might have some troubles down the road. We are all hoping he's still able to be a sledding dogger! Ozzy is very good puller! And we are all better behaved when we are tired!!

This is what Ozzy looked like a few weeks ago. I don't think anyone wants to see what he looks like tonight!

Cross your paws that Ozzy heals up good! And remember...NOTHING good comes from fighting!! Everyfur just get along!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Buddy went home!!!

Wooo Furiends

That wandering labbie dog went back to his home last night. His name is Buddy. That's a good name for such a friendly dog! He doesn't usually live out here, but his real owner is really sick so Buddy is staying with some other people til his human is well again. So it's not suprising that he couldn't find his way home again!

He is my buddy now!

We had a fun day of wrassling and bitey face. Labs are pretty good at bitey face!

He was a little weird though. What is with labs and sticks!!!? I tried chewing on a stick like he was doing, but I just don't get why that's fun!

Buddy was very happy to see his people and they were happy to see him! Mom put a collar on him and hopefully they will put a tag or something on it. We got their address just in case Buddy comes back for a play date! I don't mind play dates, but I am very glad that Buddy had a nice place to go!!

Tehya, the hostest with the mostest!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dude, is this your dog....

WOOOOO Furiends

We have a visitor at our house.

This labby dog just wandered up our driveway yesterday! That caused quite a commotion, but he just wouldn't leave. So Mom and Dad let him come in our shop, where he ate three big bowls of foodies! He's a very nice dog. I am keeping him company until his people find him. Mom called all the usual places to report a found doggy and she put up some poster.

If you live around Whitehorse and you know this dog, please leave a comment. I will get our phone number to you!

He's a nice boy, neutered and friendly, surely someone is missing him!


Friday, April 10, 2009

My sister is at the Bridge

Sad wooos furiends

My humans helped my sister, Pirate to the Bridge today. Pirate was real old and her body just didn't work anymore. She couldn't even stand up by herself; Mom had to help her all the time. She was just getting sicker and sicker. She wasn't having any fun anymore and she wasn't gonna get better. Nice Dr. Carolynne came to our house so Pirate didn't have to get stressed by going to the clinic. Pirate left very peacefully.

Goodbye, Pirate. Thanks for teaching me about respecting old dogs! We will all miss you! We will be having a group howl tonight in your honor!

Soft wooo

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Fun...

WOooo Furiends,

Mom said she would make it up to me after her abuse last week...Regardless of the fact that my butt feels 100% better, she was still wrong to leave me at the clinic with people who tortured me! Yesterday, she finally made it all right again!

We went running around! Anvik got to come with us and Daisy, cuz we never go anywhere without Daisy!

She's pretty good at supervising our games of bitey face so I guess it's ok that she tags along all the time!

Me and Anvik had tons of fun! We wrassled..

we ran..

We dug in the snow! We still have tons of snow, but it's getting a bit too warm for running on the sled. I think we are done being sled dogs for now!

I had a most fabulous afternoon playing in the sun and snow with my BFF, Anvik, and my Mom. I guess I'll forgive her for the butt incident now!