Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bootsie Update

Woooo Furiends

Thanks everyone for crossing your paws for my kitty brofurr.  Boots has had a very rough week.  He came home for a couple days, but he wouldn't eat any foodies.  Mom and Dr. Candace tried everything they could think of to get him to eat...foodies of all kinds, human foodies, treats, and even some medicine.  But Boots just would't eat!  When kitties don't eat even for just a few days, they can get very, very , very sick!

So Boots when back to the clinic and Tuesday a feeding tube was put in his neck.  It goes right into his tummy and liquid foodies gets squirted into it four times a day!  It looks like it would bug Boots, but it don't seem to at all.  Dr. Candace said most cats don't care too much when they get feeding tubes!  The foodies makes them feel better no matter how they get 'em!

Tomorrow Mom is going to the clinic and one of the nice vet tech ladies is gonna teach her how to feed Boots through that tube and then he gets to COME HOME!!! 

Boots needs that tube until he remembers how to eat foodies the regular way!  Please keep your paws crossed that his nose gets all healed up and Boots starts to eat again!  He still needs all the prayers and good vibes he can get!

Thanks furiends!

Tehya the babydog, who eats her dinner with her mouth!