Thursday, November 24, 2011

My BIG sisfur

Woooo furiends

We have lost another member of our family.  Yesterday my BIG sisfur, Kayleigh, went to the bridge.  
Kayleigh lived here long before me. Mom brought her home in 2001, when Kayleigh was just 2 and a half years old. Mom says she was a tough girl!  Life wasn't too kind to Kayleigh when she was a babydog and she had some issues.  She did not like to share anything and she needed to have her own space.  I wasn't allowed in Kayleigh's pen.  Mom says I would have been a Kayleigh snack in no time!  I can be a bit much sometimes!

Kayleigh loved humans as much as she didn't like other dogs!  She loved belly rubs, playing fetch and going swimming.  She weighed over 100 pounds!  I told you she was my BIG sisfur!  She still thought she should be a lap dog though! 
Tuesday night Kayleigh got real sick and kinda collapsed.  Our Mom was away so our dogsitter rushed her to the vet.  Kayleigh seemed to perk up overnight, but in the morning she had a seizure and died.  Mom was on her way home then.  She wishes she had made it in time to say goodbye, but I think Kayleigh wanted it this way....she was a real independant kinda dogger.  Dr. Candace said Kayleigh had acute kidney failure. 

Goodbye, Kayleigh. I will miss wooing at you through your fence.  Behave yourself in Heaven! 

Sad woooos
Tehya, who is getting to be a lonely babydog!