Saturday, May 7, 2011

My brother is all better!!!!

Woooooooo furiends

A little while ago, my humans went away again! Uncle Todd came and took care of us. We were good this time! No fighting, running away and no one got sick! Phew!

My humans took Heyoka with them! Heyoka is my giant malamute brofurr. He's real nice...well, now he is, for a long time he was none too fond of l'il ol' me! Heyoka had something wrong in his throat. It made it very hard for him to breathe and hard for us to sleep, cuz he was really, really noisy. He just couldn't get enough air into his lungs! He couldn't really run and play anymore. It's hard to have energy when you can't get air! Our nice vet, Dr. Candace, couldn't fix Heyoka's throat. It needed a special vet with extra training and fancy equipment!

Dr. Candace referred Heyoka to a vet who had all that stuff, but his office is really far away in the United States of America! My humans loaded up the van and headed out on the Alaska Highway to Anchorage, Alaska! It's about 15 hours of driving to get there from our house! Mom says it's real pretty though. She took lottssa pictures!
They saw lots of caribous!  I would like to see some caribous!  Maybe Mom will take me on a road trip sometime, although I'd rather not have to get sick first!
This is Heyoka and my Dad waiting to meet Dr. Priddy.  Turned out he was a very nice doctor.  He thought he could help Heyoka and the next day he did surgery on Heyoka's throat!   Heyoka had something called larengyal paralysis...basically his throat didn't open right and not enough air could get to his lungs!  Dr. Priddy fixed that right up!  The extra good news is that the lumps and bumps in Heyoka's throat should go away now. They ain't nothing bad like cancer. 
Heyoka has a big naked spot on his throat and a bunch of staples in his skin!  He ain't allowed to run and play too much for another week.  Mom has to give him soft foodies only, probably forever and he has his own bowls that are up higher, so he doesn't have to bend his neck to eat.  Heyoka doesn't make any noise when he breathes now!  All the air he needs gets to his lungs! 
He is a much happier dogger now! 

We are all happy too...we can sleep better knowing our brother is healthy
 and without his crazy snoring waking us up!

Tehya, the healthy babydog who is looking forward to playing with her big brofurr!