Monday, January 25, 2010


Wooooooooooooo Furiends

Long time, no wooo! Sorry 'bout that, but I finally have something exciting to paw to y'all!

I finally got to be a sled dog again! We didn't have enough snow to run til last week...My Mom is a bit of a wuss about stopping! She won't get our sled out until there is enough snow for the snowhook thingys to hold us in place. Where's the fun in that!?

Anyhoo we got a bunch o'snow about 10 days ago. Mom tried to take us once before, but it was a giant gong-show and we ended up staying home! Today we finally got out of the yard! Check me out.....I'm LEADING!!!

Yuppers, I am a lead dog now, alla the time. Mom had to give me a refresher on that whole "no chewing on the dog beside you" thing! I can play and run at the same time, but apparently some dogs can't do two things at once! It didn't take me long to remember and then we were zipping down the trail!

I started out beside Sundin not Anvik, but he doesn't really like to lead. Reggae wouldn't let Mom catch him today; he gets like that sometimes! So Mom and Sundin made a deal that he would lead half-way and then Mom would put him in swing. Swing is the spot right behind the leaders. She just wanted to make sure we got down the trail smoothly to start! Sundin is a real good leader; he knows all the commands and everything, but he just don't like it up there. Anvik pretty much likes to run anywhere. He don't care about position; he just likes to run and most especially he like it when Mom says "GOOD BOY, ANVIK"...that suck up will do anything for Mom!

I love to lead! It's awesome fun being up front!

It's a full moon this week. We like going sledding in the moonlight! I should get to be a sled dog again right soon.


Tehya the tired and happy sled dog!