Monday, August 31, 2009

Out 'sploring with my Mom

Woo Furiends

I went 'sploring with Mom this afternoon.

We went on a new trail! I didn't even know there were more trails around here. I thought I had 'splored them all, but I guess not!

Of course, Daisy came too! Daisy always comes with us!

We found this stash of acorns. Khyra, I think an evil squirrel was stocking up for winter! I couldn't find him, but I chased a few of his buddies!

We walked a really long ways today! My Mom's friend is away and she is checking on their house. This trail took us kinda close to there! Mom was checking out the cranberries too. The crop ain't great this year, but we found some so we will probably have a cranberry picking adventure soon too!
Daisy had to take a little break. Mom thinks her shoulder was bugging her. Daisy just ain't made for ripping around all day, like me!

On our way home, we stopped and visited my Dad. He is fixing a roof just down the road from our house. That's my little friend, Tucker, in the picture. I like him. He follows me around. He's no Princess(and he has a nice family), but it was nice to get followed by a little dog again!

That Daisy, she just makes herself at home anywhere! She was lounging while I was checking on my Dad!

Then we came around a corner and Hey! That's my house!

It's a busy day around here...besides 'sploring, it's Anvik Day! He has lived here for three years. I am celebrating by chewing on everyday! Plus we are waiting for nice Dr. Carolynne to come visit us. She is gonna steal some of Sleet's blood. When you are an ancient dog, you get your blood stolen alot it seems! Plus Dr. Carolynne is gonna check Franklin out. His fur and skin is just a nasty mess. She already gave him some medicine for that but I guess he needs some more or a different kind!



Monday, August 17, 2009

My heart is broken..

Sad woos my furiends

I found out tonight that my little shadow friend, Princess, has died. She escaped from her owner and she got run over. She was so little; she wouldn't have had a chance against a car!! Me and Mom are so very sad. Mom's face just won't stop leaking. Our hearts are broken.

Godspeed, Little Princess. I will miss you, my friend.

Tehya the sad

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Wooooo Furiends

I couldn't post last week cuz I was busy with some visitors!

Those kids that my Mom is so fond of came to visit us again. Their Mom didn't come this time. They flew on a plane all by themselves! Then my Grandpawents came and picked them up a few days later!

We had lots of fun with them! I love kids! They have almost as much energy as me!
Anvik likes them too! He just can't get enough cuddling!
Those kids even used our dog cart. That's good that it got used, cuz we all hate it! Mom says it was a big waste o' money!

My brofurr, Chum, had to go to the vet while those kids were there. He had a nose bleed. That's never good for a dogger! Unfortunately, we found out yesterday that he is really, really sick and he probably won't be with us for too much longer. He has a big cancer tumor in his belly, on his liver and his spleen. I am very sad about that cuz me and Chum are good buddies, but Mom says she is gonna keep him comfy for as long as she can. Maybe we will get more time than the vet thinks! Doesn't he look happy snuggling with that Hannah kid?

I hope those kids come back and play with us again next summer!


Tehya, hostess and child minder!