Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goodbye Mr. Phred...

Sad wooos, furiends

One of my very bestest human friends has gone to the bridge. I never met Mr. Phred in real life, but sometime you don't have to meet someone face to face to love them.

Mr. Phred was my Mom's cyber friend for many years. He was always kind and helpful. He sent up lotssa prayers and vibes when one of us was sick or lost or Mom was just worrying as Mom's will do. He helped us when Delta was missing; when Mac got in a big bunch of trouble a couple years ago and he was one of the people who helped convince my Mom to keep me forever! I am forever grateful, Mr. Phred!

Mr. Phred's body just let him down. I bet his spirit still wanted to be here, but his body just couldn't stay anymore. He left for the Bridge yesterday afternoon. Oh, what a party they had up there last night!! Lots of critters loved Mr. Phred and he loved all creatures. He had many furiends waiting for him; his own pets and those of his many friends. Mr. Phred rescued more than a few animals in his life and helped so many more get to their forever homes. I know now he is hanging out with all those animals and I bet he got to take a few more with him...those ones who weren't lucky enough to a forever home in this life. Now they will have Mr. Phred to love them in heaven!

We will miss you, Phred. You always made my Mom laugh! Thanks for everything. You were truly a good person. The world needs more like you! I wish we had met in real life, but I'm glad we got know you in cyberland!

We will keep you in our hearts until we meet again!

Tehya and alla the Wandering Spirits residents.



Holly and Khady said...

We read about Phred on Jack and Moo's blog. We are so sad for his family, and his beloved pets. He sounds like a wonderful person.

There is definitely a pawty at the bridge tonight!

Godspeed Mr. Phred!

Holly and Khady

Cyber-sibes said...

Yeah, our mom is missing Mr.Phred too. We never met him, but Star & Jack & mom & dad saw him lots of times. Mom says she bets there was a stampede at the RB when the news hit that Phred arrived!

Wooos to yous, tehya!

jack & moo

Huffle Mawson said...

I share my wooos with your Tehya.

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