Friday, September 30, 2011

I am FIVE!!


I am FIVE...a grown up Babydog!  Yesterday was my birthday!  Mom doesn't know what day I was really born on and I forget, but it was sometime in September.  September 29 is a sad day for my Mom's human family.  They had a tragedy on that day years ago.  She thought it would be nice to have something happy on that day too, so it's my birthday!
I had a nice day...playing with my friends and getting extra treats.  I got some new squeaky tennis balls too.  I love those things!  And I got to sleep on the bed, even though my Dad is home right now.  Usually I gotta sleep on the floor when he's home cuz he's a bed hog! 

Happy  birthday to me, happy birthday to me......

Tehya, growed up babydog!


ra husky said...

Happy happy birthday baybee!!

RA, Isis & nuknuk

Cyber-sibes said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie! Being a grown-up Babydog is a good thing! Sept. 29th is our mom's big brother's birthdayday too! (He's a little older than 5, ha-roo roo roo!)

jack & moo

Moondance Huskies said...

Happy Barkday Tehya!
Woo will always be a Babydog, just like I am always going to be "Puppytoes" to my mom. It's a good thing, just like Cyber-sibes said. Glad you had a good day with extra treats AND squeeky tennis balls! WOW!! You are a very lucky Babydog! Enjoy!
Hugs & Howls,
Skye and all the Moondance Huskies

Huffle Mawson said...

How did I miss your birthday? I hope you got some ham to celebrate :)

Keith Andrea said...

.,Sorry sweety, I missed this.,I hope you did have a happy celebration,.

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