Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sweet Sophia

Sad wooos again furiends

Yesterday one of my kitty siblings went to the bridge. Sophia was old and very sick.  She loved my Mom more than anything in the world, except maybe Fancy Feast! That cat did like her squishy foodies!

Sophia just couldn't fight all her troubles anymore.  Mom held her for hours and Sophia just drifted off.  She was in her most favourite spot, cuddled up against Mom's face.  If she had to go, I think that's a nice way for her to leave. 

It's been a very, very sad year around my house.  I hope we get a break for awhile.  Our hearts are getting too hurty!

Tehya the Babydog


Keith Andrea said...

.,oh what an eyes.,

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Cyber-sibes said...

We wer so sad to hear about Sophia, but we know she picked her own time.... Godpeed, sweet kitty!

jack & moo

PS - gave woo an Award -s top by our blog!