Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pictures and stuff...

Wooo Furiends

Mom finally put the pictures from New Year's Eve  on the computer!
We had a big party in our shop and lots of our friends came to visit.
My Uncle Charlie came over and we had a nice cuddle.  Uncle Charlie helped save my little life! I lived with him for a couple weeks before Mom said I could stay here!
We had some fireworks. Lots of people were shooting those off!  Some of my packmates were very unhappy with that!  Mom had to give Anvik one of his summer-time valium pills! He takes those cuz he is terrified of thunder bangers!  I guess fireworks sound kinda like thunder!  I wasn't too scared, but I stayed in the house anyway...that's where all the other dogs were and Mom was handing out treats! 
I was a tuckered out Babydog after all that socializing!
Today was fresh bone day at my house!  That's always a good day! We were all very well behaved and no one stole anyone else's bones!  We are awesome dogs!
The moon is all big and shiny tonight!  Doesn't our house look cool in the moonlight?
That's my brother, Delta, getting in the picture too!

Tehya, the babydog who is having a good new year so far!


Huffle Mawson said...

Keep up the good new year Tehya!

Elyse K said...

Hi, Tehya, babydog! Happy New-woo Year! Look at Delta in the moonlight! :-)

Takie Reyes said...

Hi tahya, you are so cute... Have a great and blessed year!

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