Saturday, February 21, 2009

My leader dog training..

Wooo woooo Furiends

Check this out!

That's me and Reggae leading an 8 dog team a few days ago. We had a passenger in the sled and everything! When we started Sundin was leading, but when we went down the first hill, he just stopped and wouldn't go no more. He does not like leading some days. So Mom switched us around and I got to lead. I was awesome, if I do say so myself! I like being a leader dog! It's lots of fun up there! Mom says I am doing really good too, better than she expected!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fun with Mom!

Wooo Furiends

A few days ago we got a really big bunch of snow, close to a whole foot of it fell from the sky. Our trail vanished under the snow!

Look our sled was covered in snow!

On Sunday afternoon,Mom said "Tehya come with me, NO JUST TEHYA". Now that may not mean much to you doggers who only have a couple siblings, but when you got 25 of them one on one time with your Mom can be hard to come by! It's a happy day when Mom says "JUST TEHYA". Mom had these big funny looking things on her feet and we went walking down the trail. Mom says they were snowshoes!

Look there was so much snow you can't hardly tell that I have front legs! It was so much fun to play in!

Check me out! Don't I pose good? I was waiting for Mom to catch up with me! Mom walked with those snowshoes things down to where our trail gets busier and the snowmobilers go zooming. We set a pretty good trail!

It was kinda snowy and blowy the next time we went running but at least we could find our trail! We are not fans of blowy weather!

Today was nice and cold, -25C, but not blowy. We are fans of that kind of weather!!!


Monday, February 2, 2009

I did it!! I did it!!

Woooo Furiends

We went running today! Mom was kinda cranky at first cuz Reggae wouldn't come, but then Pingo decided she wanted to come. That's kinda weird cuz Pingo is pretty much retired and she ain't run this winter! She's still healthy and all, she just ain't been interested in running and Mom lets us decide if we want to go.

It was a nice sunny day! Kinda warm, but not too bad! Mom only took five dogs cuz Hobo really, really, really wanted to come and he needs to run by himself. See that's me in the back with Pacer.

Look, that's me in the front now!! That's right I got to lead!!! Pingo didn't want to listen and turn around at the right spot so Mom switched us around. Mom was a bit nervous cuz I haven't been leading this winter and last year I only did a few times. Every time I was in front before, Paxil was with me and Paxil knows everything there is to know about leading! I just had to do what Paxil did and everything was good. Mom thought I might not be able to run with Anvik cuz I mostly like to chew on him!

But I did it! We even passed a loose dog with no troubles!! That dog's owner kept him off to the side a bit and we just ran right by. Mom was very happy with us for that!

Leading was totally fun! Mom gave me lots of loving and told me I did very good! I can't wait to do it again!!

Tehya the LEADER dog!!