Saturday, May 29, 2010

Play Date

Wooo Furiends
A few days ago, I went on a play date. I got to go for a big walk with three of my friends, Abbey, Lucky and Popeye, and my human friend, Ms. Michelle.

This is Abbey. Cute, ain't she? She's a real nice girl. She's getting older and she moves real slow, but she still likes to come for long walks. I just have to remember not to wrassle with her!

We went swimming together instead of wrassling. Abbey likes to just stand in the icy cold water! Mom was not impressed that I went in this swamp, but a girl's gotta cool off when she can in the summer!

This is Lucky. A few months ago, he almost went to the Bridge! His back legs stopped working and no one could figure out why. He has a little hitch in hims gitalong now, but he is doing way, way better! He likes my Mom cuz she always has treats in her pockets when we go for walks!

This is Popeye. I'm pretty sure he related to my brofur, Pacer. They sure look alike! Popeye and I used to be very good friends, but I am a bit miffed at him right now. We were getting along just fine on our walk, playing and chasing each other. Then when we got to his house, after we had treats and stuff, he bit me! FOR NO REASON! All of the sudden he just jumped me. He made my ear bleed! My Mom was not happy with him, neither was his mom! He got in a lot of trouble for that. Lucky for him, I am a nice girl and I didn't bite him back! I might even play with him again if he doesn't act like a jerk!


Tehya, who's ear is just fine now!


The Thundering Herd said...

Maybe that was his way of saying he liked you?

Huffle Mawson said...

Boys! Pffft to them. At least you still had a good time Tehya.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I just want to know if you got nice and dirty in the swamp!


Tehya the BabyDog said...

Oh, yes, Kat, I got very dirty and a bit stinky in that swamp! Mom kept the van windows rolled down on our way cuz I was stinkin' up the van!

Phred said...

Maybe Popeye thunk you got too many
treets and he was tryin to hit the'"return" button ??

Glad your earbone is OK.