Sunday, June 27, 2010

A new swimming hole

WOoooo Furiends

After all our bad excitement yesterday, Mom decided to take us to do something fun today. Me and Pacer and Anvik got to go for a extra long hike!

We started out the same way we always go, but then we turned a new way! We climbed a giant hill and followed this road. We went past the creek I sometimes go swimming in. It is really, really fast in this spot. Mom wouldn't let us go in there! We were disappointed cuz we were thristy and I wanted to go swimming!
Then we came around a corner and HOLY MOLEY, a new swimming hole! It looks like a little lake, but Mom says it used to be part of a copper mine. The mine went away but they left this big hole behind and it got filled with water. Mom says there are a couple more quarries that I ain't been to yet too!
It was a great swimming hole! I had lots of fun playing in the water.

I would like to go back to that quarry place! Mom says she has even been swimming in there when was really hot out. I think she should come in with me next time!

Tehya, water loving babydog

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pokie things!!!!!


We had a calamity here in the wee hours of the morning! Some of us were napping away in the house. I was keeping Mom's feet warm. That's my job at night. Suddenly there was a whole bunch of noise out in the yard. Mom jumped outta bed and went running outside to see what all the commotion was about. Sometimes it means something cool like a moose or a bear is cruising by our fence, but it was not something cool this time.

It was one of these rotten pokie critters! A porcupine! The worst part was it got through our fence somehow!!! It was right in our yard!! In my pen!! Thank goodness I wasn't out there! I don't want no pokie things in my nose!

My buddy, Reggae, was out there though. He don't like sleeping in the house. He came over to Mom and his face was full of quills. Ow, ow, owwwww, poor Reggae. Mom has been working really hard to get Reggae to trust her. He is kinda shy and skeered sometimes. He must know that Mom was trying to help him though cuz he let her catch him and take him to the shop.

Mom says Reggae was the very bestest patient ever. He let her pull all those pokie hurty quills out of his face and he didn't even yelp! Then he had some medicines and Mom put him Kayleigh's crate to have a little nap. Obviously Kayleigh wasn't in there or we would have had another calamity!

Reggae is feeling better this morning and back to his smiley self. (This picture is from a couple weeks ago,but you can see his nice smile!)

Mom feels very bad that Reggae got hurt where he should be the safest... in his own pen! We aren't allowed in our pen for a few days. Mom has to make sure it is porcupine free first! I wouldn't want to be that porkie if my Mom finds it; she is some kind of mad at it!


Tehya, who don't like porcupines babydog!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Noms and Foodies Galore!!!

WOoooooo Furiends
I have been a bit under the weather lately. That's why I haven't posted for a bit. I haven't told Mom exactly what was wrong with me, but I was just laying around, all blah and I wouldn't eat my foodies. Mighta had something to do with piece of rotting fish I found in a hole Reggae dug a few months ago!

Mom was quite worried since as you know, I am a life of the party kind of girl, not a wallflower! But I have got my energy back and my appetites! I am wolfing down the foodies again. Good thing to cuz we gots lotssa eating to do!

On Monday, I went for a truck ride with my Mom. We went to this place that sells dogger foodies and look what we picked up!

A big ol' bunch o' foodies!

And then my Dad got out the scary saw thing and he cut up a whole bunch of meat for us! We get the meat from our friend who is a butcher dude. It is all scraps and bones and stuff that humans don't want for some reason! Mostly it is moose meat and it is yummy!

It takes alot of foodies to feed this many doggers! I think we are set for the summer now! Nom, nom, nommmmmmm


Tehya, the well fed babydog!