Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My kitty brofurr need purrs and wooos

Woooooooooooooo Furiends

I gotta really hurty brofurr.  My kitty brofurr, Boots, has been at the vet for two nights.  He don't get to come home until Friday night at the earliest. 

A couple days ago, there was a cat fight in the night.  Those cats don't get along so good sometimes.  They don't hurt each other though, mostly they just hiss and spit!  Mom yells KNOCK IT OFF and everyone behaves for awhile.  Mom thought that's all it was, just the cats talking trash to each other. 

But this time a kitty got hurt!  We ain't 'xactly sure what happened, but Mom and Dr. Candace think that those hissing cats scared one of us doggers who was asleep at the time.  That dogger got scared and sorta know how us dogs do sometimes when we are startled. 

Boots' head was in the way of that snap!  He gots a broken bone in his face and it's making it real hard for him to breath and eat!  His face is all swelled up and he's super hurty.  Our vet is taking real good care of him and he's getting better, but he still needs all the purrs and woos and prayers and whatever good stuff you got! 
This is Boots. He's about the nicest cat anyone ever met.  He is full of purrs and headbonks.  He is every one's friend!  We really want him to come home and be happy and healthy again! 

It wasn't me for sure, but I know that none of us meant to hurt Boots. We all know that we ain't allowed to bug the cats; the house is kitty territory!  It was just a terrible accident.  Mom is making some changes to try and make sure this don't happen again. Right now we just need Bootsie Wootsie Woo Woo to get better and come home! 

Please cross your paws for my brofurr

Tehya, cat lovin' baby dog!


Faith Shen said...

were sending our purrs and woos to our friends, I hope that you have a great day and Happy April fools day :)

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kuhio98 said...

Tehya ~ I hope Bootsie Woo Woo is feeling better.