Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Delta Day!


Mom says today is St. Patrick's Day, but that's not what we celebrate at my house.  We celebrate Delta Day!

Delta is my brofur. He is super shy.  He likes other dogs, but he don't like people much!  Weird!   He's not mean or bitey to people.  He's just very timid and tries to avoid them.  Mom says Delta had a very bad puppyhood and he never learned that people can be nice.  It's real hard to learn that when you are a grown up dog! 

One day six years ago, Delta got out of our yard somehow.  I wasn't even born yet, but I have heard the story.  My Mom and Dad searched and searched for him.  They put up posters everywhere...over 300 of them!  They took out ads in the newspaper and every day they walked and drove around calling for Delta.  It was a terrible time for my parents.  They were so worried about Delta! 

Then one day a man called and said that he thought Delta was hanging around with his dog.  Mom drove out to his house right away. He lived over 50 kilometres from our house!  A very long way for a dogger to run by themselves!  Sure enough it was Delta!  It took Mom a couple more days to catch him.  Delta is hard to catch at home and after being on his own for so long, he was pretty much a wild dog!!!!

Delta was gone for a whole MONTH!!  A MONTH!!!  I can't imagine being away from my Mom for that long with no foodies and no warm house to sleep in!  There's wolves, moose, and cars and all sorts of things out there that could have hurt Delta!  It's a miracle that he survived! 
March 17 is the day my Mom finally caught Delta and put him in her truck and drove him home! 
Happy Delta Day everyone!
Moose Bones for All!!!

Tehya, the staying close to home babydog!

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Cyber-sibes said...

We remember furry well when Dalta had his adventure - our paws were crossed non-stop! So, Happy Delta Day!

Angel Star & jack