Saturday, March 3, 2012

I got abandoned!!!

Woooo Furiends!!

I got abandoned again!!!
My humans went on holidays and they left me at home!!! My friends, Mike and Buddy, took turns taking care of me and all of the others, but still!! Why didn't I get to go on vacation too!!??

My humans went to Roatan, Honduras. 

Doesn't it look nice there? 
Mom says it was smoking hot every day! 
They went snorkelling lots and saw so many fishies!  They did other stuff too, like fishing and swimming and making some new friends.  Those all sound like things I would like to do!  They should take me on their next vacation!
 Mom finds dogs everywhere she goes! If she took me, she wouldn't be lonely and she wouldn't have to make new doggy friends!  Although, that puppy is pretty cute! 
My 'rents had fun in the Caribbean.  Mom says it was a lovely vacation.  Fortunately we were all good for the dogsitters.  Dr. Candace came out once to check on Hobo, but there was nothing too serious wrong with him.  He's just super old and was missing Mom!

Maybe me and Hobo should go on the next vacation! 

Tehya, the briefly abandoned babydog!

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Cyber-sibes said...

Tehya, we think its an excellent idea for woo & Hobo to go along on vacation! That way your pawrents wouldn't miss woo!

jack & moo